Thursday July 30, 2015

Acting on Aug. 4, the county commissioners approved funding a new 911 emergency communications system through provider CenturyLink.
Remodeling in the Delta Dispatch office will begin next  month, Sheriff Fred McKee told the BoCC on Monday.

The work will be funded by the 911 surcharge on county residents’ phone bills, and with a $150,000 grant from the state’s Department of Local Affairs.
The cost of the project comes in within budgeted amounts for this year. The winning bid was the only one that came from a qualified bidder.
Total price of the project is $231,831.
In other business at recent meetings, the BoCC has dealt with the following matters:
• Russel Radebaugh, a 38-year employee of the county, was thanked for his service by the commissioners on June 21. Russel worked for the county road and bridge department. At one time he was an assistant road foreman in District #2; however, at the time of his retirement he was an equipment operator in District #1.
• The commissioners continue meeting with county department heads on plans for remodeling the North Fork Annex to accommodate more efficient use of work space. Preliminary plans for the new interior arrangement of the building have been drawn up by an architect, but no cost estimates have been provided.

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