Wednesday May 27, 2015

The animal welfare group CAWS informs the DCI that it intends to approach the Board of County Commissioners on Monday, Aug. 18, and formally request support for its programs.
In an email, JoAnn Kalenak stated, “We’re going to formally ask for support from the county since more than 55 percent of the animals being accepted into our adoption center in Delta are homeless animals from the county.”

The county administration and commissioners are now in the early stages of making their 2015 budget decisions.
Kalenak said the City of Delta provides substantial support for the animal welfare programs, and CAWS wants to see the county contribute also, at least at levels formerly provided by the BoCC.
“It’s been more than five years since the county has budgeted more than $10,000 for spay and neuter — funds that are equally distributed among the four licensed rescue organizations in the area,” Kalenak explained.
“The City of Delta contributes some $22,000 per year of in-kind funding and animal intake fees. We believe the county has, at least, an equal responsibility since so many homeless dogs and cats coming to our adoption center in Delta are county animals,” she added.
Providing humane care for the county’s stray and homeless animals is an expensive undertaking.  “At a cost of $10,000 per month, CAWS must have the support of the county to continue its services,” she said.
The CAWS presentation is scheduled for 9 a.m. in the commissioners’ meeting room in the courthouse.

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