Sunday August 02, 2015

The Seventh Judicial District Nominating Commission will meet at the Montrose County Justice Center on Aug. 19 and if necessary, Aug. 20, to interview and select nominees for appointment by the governor to two district judgeships for the Seventh Judicial District (Delta, Gunnison, Hinsdale, Montrose, Ouray and San Miguel counties). The vacancies will be created by the retirements of the Hon. Charles Green-acre and the Hon. James Schum.

The vacancies will occur on Jan. 13, 2015.
To be eligible for appointment to fill the vacancies, applicants must be qualified electors of the Seventh Judicial District and must have been admitted to the practice of law in Colorado for five years. The current annual salary for these positions is $145,219.  The initial term of office of a district judge is a provisional term of two years; thereafter, the incumbent district judge, if approved by the voters, has a term of six years.
Application forms are available from the office of the ex officio chair of the nominating commission, Justice Allison H. Eid, 2 E. 14th Ave., Denver, CO 80203; and the office of the district administrator, Thomas Maxwell, Montrose County Justice Center, 1200 N. Grand Ave., Montrose, CO 81401. Applications also are available on the court’s home page at
The original, signed application along with an identical copy stored electronically as a PDF file must be filed with the ex officio chair no later than 4 p.m. July 31. Any person wishing to suggest a candidate to fill the vacancy may do so by letter to be submitted to any member of the nominating commission, with a copy to the ex officio chair, no later than 4 p.m. July 24.
The members of the nominating commission for the Seventh Judicial District are: Tina McGuinness and Pamela Montgomery of Gunnison, Kevin Geiger of Telluride, Erin Cavit of Lake City, David Masters of Montrose, William Raley of Delta and Andrew Mueller of Ridgway.

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