Sunday August 02, 2015

A request for de-annexation from the City of Delta was approved with a 4-1 vote June 16. Ray Penick objected to the request, based on the fact the applicant receives city services.

The property is located on the edge of the West End Subdivision in North Delta and is bordered on two sides by the county.
The applicant receives water from the city but no other services. The property is accessed by H Lane which is not improved and is not maintained by the city. Aaron Clay, attorney for Casey Bradford, the applicant, said his client understands his water bill will increase because he’ll be charged out-of-town rates. He did not offer an explanation for the request.
“I’m not in favor of de-annexing a piece of property that’s receiving city services,” Penick said. “They should help pay for expenses of the city.”
Councilmember Robert Jurca pointed out the city will actually benefit financially, because of the higher water rate.
City manager Justin Clifton said because the parcel is on the outskirts, it may be more appropriate for disconnection than other requests that may come before council.
As with all property owners receiving city services, Bradford will be required to sign an annexation agreement. Other than that step, which Black admitted is a little backwards, de-annexation is much simpler than annexation, which requires more intense review.
Another parcel in North Delta was rezoned from A-1 to I-R, to allow industrial development on a 164-acre parcel in the Hawkins Subdivision. That vote was 5-0.

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