Tuesday August 04, 2015

After Deltarado Days, the stop signs at the intersection of Palmer and 1st Streets will be reconfigured. Traffic using Palmer Street will be required to stop and the traffic on 1st Street will move freely through the intersection.

The change will take effect July 21. According to Jim Hatheway, project manager for Confluence Drive, this configuration will allow drivers to become acclimated to the new configuration before traffic volumes increase.
On the south end of the project, railroad tie-ins are tentatively scheduled this week, meaning the UPRR will tentatively start using the new tracks by the end of July.
At the July 15 city council meeting, Hatheway presented a change order to complete the project south of 5th Street. The original construction contract for Hamon anticipated project completion in April 2014. Due to unanticipated delays, the schedule has been extended through Dec. 20. Approval of the change order July 15 will allow Hamon to complete the remaining work.
Remobilization cost is nearly $27,000; reimbursement for equipment standby from January through April 2014 is $95,208. In addition, there is a daily reimbursement rate to Hamon of $2,131.26. Minor costs include additional asphalt cost, traffic control and remobilization costs for Balfour Beatty and Elam. Total additional cost is approximately $716,380.
If the change order is approved, Hatheway said Hamon will begin some work next week and then return to full strength in September if the 30-day seasoning period with UPRR is completed successfully.
For more information, Hatheway can be reached at 874-7912.

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