North Fork Times
Thursday October 23, 2014

Arch Coal’s West Elk Mine at Somerset is asking local elected officials and the public for support in the wake of a Sept. 11 federal district court ruling. The ruling has derailed plans for the mine’s coal lease modification and operations expansion.

It’s final. The renovation of Crawford Town Hall will move on to the next phase.

The Delta Montrose League of Women Voters held a candidate forum on Tuesday, Oct. 7 at Memorial Hall in Hotchkiss. Jean Aaro was the moderator.

b01 monarchsThe second graders at Paonia Elementary School have been learning about the metamorphosis of the monarch butterfly.  Along with their discoveries, they’ve been raising local caterpillars and watching them change into chrysalises that “enclose” the miracle of the winged butterfly’s adult stage.  
Students have discovered that their hungry little caterpillars only feed on local milkweed plants. They’ve learned that this food source is crucial to the monarch’s survival. These second graders wanted to know where they could find more milkweed plants in Paonia to know that other monarch caterpillars would have plenty to eat.

b04 wrecks“Avoid wrecks, Don’t Text” is the current safety campaign for the State of Utah. It could just as easily be applied here in Delta County as Hotchkiss District firefighters responded to nine motor vehicle accidents over the past several months and six of them were attributed to drivers who were texting or otherwise distracted at the time of the accident. The sixth, which occurred on Oct. 3 on Highway 92 by Stengel’s Hill, resulted in two people being transported to the hospital. Texting while driving was the suspected cause of the wreck.

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