North Fork Times
Friday October 31, 2014

Staff at Crawford Town Hall is busy this week packing the last items up so the building will be empty and ready for asbestos abatement and renovation.
Electors will be able to cast their ballots at Crawford Town Hall on Tuesday, Nov. 4 from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m., but then the last table and chair will be removed.

Barbara Peterson, Paonia town clerk, notified voters on Monday, Oct. 27 that only one stamp is needed to mail in ballots in Delta County. Information from Paonia Town Hall had previously stated two stamps were needed.

The ballot question for registered voters in the Town of Paonia is whether or not retail marijuana facilities for sales, growing, manufacturing and testing will be allowed.
If the majority of voters vote “yes,” then the board of trustees will adopt regulations “which may include licensing and zoning provisions covering the establishment and operation of retail marijuana establishments in the Town.”

Whether or not Paonia voters approve of retail marijuana facilities for sales, growing, manufacturing and testing, there is the intention of challenging the validity of some registered voters. The challenges are being forecast by some who are opposed to having retail marijuana establishments in town.

The Crawford Town Council has approved three public works projects for inclusion in the 2015 budget.
Bruce Bair, public works director, wants to do paving, painting and sewer line replacement.

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