North Fork Times
Thursday June 04, 2015

For months, how to provide health insurance for Crawford town staff has been a hard decision for the town council. It appeared to be solved at the May 6 council meeting when it was approved to pay staff $500 a month for insurance costs.

The only ambulance service in the community, the North Fork Ambulance is struggling to maintain services for you and your loved ones. What if you called the ambulance and no one came for a very long time?

b01 phsMembers of the Paonia High School class of 2015 not only expressed joy at graduating into the real world Saturday, they expressed gratitude to their teachers, parents, and to the community for supporting them every step of the way.
“Where else does a community come out to line every inch of the football field for a state championship football game,” said valedictorian Chase Park to the packed gymnasium. “Where else does a community fill these commons every year to standing room only just to watch their kids, like me, make fools of themselves every year at the annual dessert show? Where else does a community of our size dish out the amount of sponsorships and scholarships it does to support our kids?”

b01 hhs1On Saturday, May 23, as parents and grandparents tried to find parking spaces at Hotchkiss High School,  the graduating seniors waited for their rite of passage to take place. Four years of hard work in academics and sports plus fun times with friends was coming to a close. From this point in time a whole new world would be opening up for each of the 59 graduates.
Some like Kayli Tallent were joining the military before further studies. Others were going directly into the work force. Others were heading off to colleges throughout Colorado, other states and even Germany to study agriculture, automotive technology, biology, environmental science and medicine.

b02 theaterThose who attended the Crawford work session on Wednesday, May 20, got to see the renovated town hall for the first time. In the words of Billy Crystal, it looks “marvelous!”
Some storage areas are yet to be completed.

The commercial kitchen, with the help of the Friends of Crawford Town Hall, is expected to be completed this summer. Everything else, including the Community Room, three new rest rooms (two upstairs and one downstairs), the class rooms upstairs (one of which will be used by the Lynch-Cotten American Legion Post #190), the outdoor theater and the West Elk Scenic Byways kiosk simply could not be better. What a wonderful accomplishment for Mayor Susie Steckel, the town council, Susan Hansen and the rest of the Friends of Crawford Town Hall, town staff and spouses, present and former councils, former mayor Jim Crook, a host of volunteers, the architect, contractors, individual donors, foundations and the State Historical Society. Crawford should be proud of what it has preserved from the past and improved for the future.

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