North Fork Times
Wednesday September 03, 2014

The Paonia Town Council continued its debate concerning a retail sales tax on marijuana, an occupation tax on wholesale growers and manufacturers or both. The amount of the taxes and fees and whether the money collected should go into a specified fund or project was discussed on Aug. 12.

b01 sunflowerPhoto by Kathy Browning Big in size and beauty Many sunflowers dot the landscape as you drive on the country roads of the North Fork Valley. Every now and then you come across a patch of giant-sized sunflowers that instantly brighten up your day. This giant sunflower is among the many plantings at Wes and Carol Spore’s property on Rogers Mesa. Bees just love these gigantic blooms.

b01 turkey1Photos by Kathy Browning Big Boy survived an encounter with a bear. The big tom placed himself between the bear and his rafter of hens.Jackie Savage and Rick Rhoades love turkeys. They raise them from eggs, incubating them in their dining room and feeding the chicks with an eye dropper if needed.

b02 bearPhoto submittedColorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) Gunnison Field Office has been receiving numerous calls about bears. If you see a bear, it is not necessary to call Parks and Wildlife.

b02 ropingPhoto submitted Team roping winners The winners of the Delta County Fair Team Roping Shoot-out were Berdell Greenhalgh (left) and Chuck Baldwin (right). They are pictured with Jerry Cobb from JC Propane, one of the sponsors. Other event sponsors were Interwest Realty, Shea Feedlot and the Delta County Fair Board.

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