North Fork Times
Tuesday June 30, 2015

A break in an 8-inch water line that was discovered on June 17 resulted in a loss of water to virtually all of the Town of Paonia’s water customers for several hours on June 18.
The break occurred near the intersection of Lamborn Mesa and Stewart Mesa roads and disrupted water service to as far away as Black Bridge Road, according to town spokesperson Cindy Jones.

Delta-Montrose Electric Association made a proposal to the Town of Hotchkiss on June 11 to change all of its street lights to more economical LED lights.
The Hotchkiss Town Council will consider whether to participate in the program for this year or next year.

The Delta County School District voted last week to approve an agreement to provide classrooms at Paonia Elementary School for a Waldorf-inspired focus program, beginning this fall.
The group Valley Waldorf Initiative (VWI) has been working for three years to bring public Waldorf-inspired, arts-based education to the North Fork area and has twice been denied a charter by the district.

When it comes to energy, Ed Eaton looks to the past and revolutionaries like Nikola Tesla, while keeping an eye on the future.
Eaton, who began working in the solar energy industry in 1983 and owns Our Sun Solar, is a professional system designer, installer and teacher.

There was initial concern whether there would be a quorum so the Hotchkiss Town Council could proceed on June 11. Trustees James Roberts and Carrie Wingfield were absent.

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