North Fork Times
Sunday December 21, 2014

The residents of the North Fork Valley have seen improved access to family providers since Delta County Memorial Hospital partnered with the North Fork Clinics in Hotchkiss and Paonia on July 1 of this year. Now there are two providers at each clinic, with some familiar faces and some new ones in both providers and medical staff.

The news of the layoffs at the Town of Paonia shocked some, especially when it was learned that Barbara Peterson, longtime town clerk, was laid off. Others were not surprised by the layoffs due to the town’s finances.

Gilly Knott, at just 13 years of age, has undergone a kidney transplant in Denver and is recovering at the Ronald McDonald House. Her parents are Heather and Larry Knott.

b02 colbornDr. Theo Colborn, known internationally as one of the leading voices in chronicling the dangers of chemicals to humans and the rest of nature, died at her home  on Sunday, Dec. 14. She was 87.
Colborn, a Paonia resident, founded TEDX, The Endocrine Disruption Exchange, in 2003. TEDX is the only organization that focuses on gathering  and distributing scientific evidence detailing the toll of minute amounts of chemicals that disrupt normal development and functions of a baby being formed in the womb. The TEDX website explains these “critical windows of development” and other aspects of prenatal origins of endocrine disruption.

A recent tradition at Paonia United Methodist Church has been to decorate the Christmas tree in the Ewing Room with items for the homeless in Delta, through the Abraham Connection.  
These items can be mittens, hats and scarves, underwear (men’s and women’s in all sizes), socks, or anything else that might make someone more comfortable and better able to deal with a homeless situation.

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