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Wednesday April 01, 2015

b01 hamnerRep. Millie Hamner thanked those who filled a great room at the Wisehart Springs Inn outside of Paonia on Saturday, March 21. It was a gorgeous spring day, and constituents chose to spend part of the afternoon hearing and sharing about issues.
“Kerry and I have been spending our time Monday through Friday representing you and working on your behalf,” Rep. Hamner said. “The legislative session lasts 120 days. It started in the beginning of January and will go through the beginning of May. So it’s always great to get out of Denver and interact with you, the people we represent.”
Sen. Kerry Donovan opened by saying, “It was so nice to drive over McClure today.” She introduced Mike King, executive director of the Department of Natural Resources.

A community planning meeting will be held this Thursday, March 26, at the Paonia High School Commons at 7 p.m. The meeting is hosted by the North Fork Ambulance Association.

b01 paoniacare2Paonia Care and Rehabilitation Center has been busy since last year remodeling and adding new physical therapy equipment. The result is a top-of-the-line physical rehabilitation gym to maximize the strength, endurance and mobility of their residents, and now, outpatients as well.
One room is specifically used as a gym for physical and occupational therapy. The second room is across the hall, and is used for occupational therapy. It is equipped with a kitchen and bathroom to help patients re-learn basic skills after an illness or accident. It will also have dedicated Medicare rehab beds. It will provide a private space for family visits and to watch television.

The North Fork Valley got on a Top 10 list in the National Geographic. The area was included in the article, “Fracking Next to a Cemetery?

You could spend hours and hours admiring the skill, creativity and beauty of the many quilts at the 2015 Cabin Fever Quilt Show. This bienniel event is sponsored by the S&B Quilters’ Guild.

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