North Fork Times
Monday August 03, 2015

According to the unofficial minutes for the July 16 Crawford work session provided by Jackie Savage, town clerk,  Cheryl Page has requested a variance to the water regulation. This is for her business, Peaches RV and Campsites.

Cheryl and Carl Page have established two RV campsites on their property with some additional tent campsites. They will be open half a year.
“They realize that the use of water constitutes commercial use and are willing to pay commercial fees. The Pages do not wish to be made to pay the difference of a residential tap to a commercial tap,” Savage states. “The Pages wish to reserve the right to be switched back to residential rate if the camping business dissolves for any reason.”
The trustees believe this is a commercial use of water, not residential.
Regarding whether a commercial tap needs to be purchased, town code does not apply since language for a small RV site is not included. The trustees want this corrected with an ordinance dealing with RV and campsite businesses.
The trustees believe the town ordinance about a multiple use facility does not apply since “the campsites do not contain permanent building structures.”
The town has been inconsistent in the way it has charged changing residential to commercial taps. Twice the town has not assessed higher tap fees, and once it did. The trustees decided rules should be developed so all cases will be treated equally.
The trustees “determined it was in the best interest of all parties if a separate contract was developed and mutually agreed upon,” Savage stated.
Six provisions would be required: the Pages must be in compliance with all state and county regulations and provide proof of such to the council; they must provide the council with a copy of commercial liability insurance; at no time would wastewater disposal be allowed; the driveway will be in conformity to CDOT regulation; no more than two sites for a recreational vehicle would be allowed and no limit put on tent camping; and a backflow preventer would be required on water hook up.
The town clerk was instructed by the trustees to send this information to the town attorney, James Brown, so a contract could be drafted.
Finally, the town clerk was told to set another meeting with the Pages for the work session on Aug. 20.

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