North Fork Times
Wednesday July 29, 2015

Interest continues to be high on when Oxbow Mining will be back in full operation. Many rumors are freely being bantered about.

Mike Ludlow, executive vice president at Oxbow Mining, did a quick interview on July 23 about some of the ideas that people in the valley have about the mining company and its future.
First, a rumor has been circulating that Oxbow Mining, LLC was filing for bankruptcy. “There’s no truth to that,” Ludlow said.
Is the plan still to get back into mining when it is feasible? “Yes. We are still holding the mine open. We’re ventilating it. We’re inspecting it. We’re going in it everyday.  We still have employees here to maintain the property, and we’re looking forward to the right opportunity to get back into production,” Ludlow said.
Do you have any plans to expand into any other mining opportunities other than Oak Mesa? “We’re always looking for opportunities,” Ludlow said. “There’s nothing right now that looks like an immediate opportunity that we would jump into. But we are always looking for opportunities for mining and other business opportunities.”
Are you working with Bowie Resources to reopen the Westmoreland Mine? “No.”
Do you have anything to do with the Westmoreland Mine at all? “No, nothing at all.”
Are you still needing to purchase coal to meet orders? “We have purchased coal over the last two years to blend and to export when the opportunity comes up. We are still today, this week, purchasing coal from third parties and exporting it out of Long Beach,” Ludlow said.
Are you working with West Elk Mine on that since they are just down the road? “Any of that would be confidential,” Ludlow said.
Will Oxbow Mining have coal to sell for home heating this winter? “We aren’t planning on supplying any coal for this coming heating season at all,” Ludlow said.

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