North Fork Times
Friday July 31, 2015

Reams Construction of Naturita has been awarded a $352,354 bid for a new apron and west taxiway at the North Fork Airport.
Reams was the lowest of three bidders on the project.

The company may use some equipment and/or facilities of Rundle Construction in Hotchkiss  for completing the project, said county engineering technician Bob Basher.
Reams’s bid price will be added to other project costs of $45,000 for design, $33,500 for on-site construction management, and $500 for administration bringing the total project cost to $432,354.
The job is being paid for with a 90 percent grant from the state and 10 percent matching funds from the county.
The bid  is coming in slightly under the original budget estimate of $444,444.
Basher said that Reams wants to get started on the work so it can be completed before bad weather arrives.

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