North Fork Times
Thursday July 30, 2015

b01 derby2Thursday night at the Delta County Fair traditionally means a smashing Demolition Derby. This year there was an added competition for ATV drivers.

The ATVs zipped around three barrels and then raced to the finish line. The fastest times won. It was real foresight to add the ATV races because the number of cars entered in the Demolition Derby was down. Only six came to compete, and then only five were mechanically able to run in the derby.

Even so, those five cars provided a lot of excitement as they sought to be the last one still running.
The evening began with Mandi Chermak singing the national anthem.
The first heat of the Demolition Derby saw Ryan Wells in #6 and Cole Johnson in #31 advance. For the second heat, Jeremiah Weber in #11 and Chris Fox in XXX advanced to the main. Wells was initially disqualified after he hit the driver’s side of Fox’s vehicle during the main, but Fox was not injured and it was determined the brakes locked on Wells’ car. Wells was allowed to finish the derby and finished second.
b01 derby3The Demolition Derby winner was Jeremiah Weber driving a Cadillac.
Prize money for the Demolition Derby was $2,400 plus another $100 for the “Best Hit.” The “Best Hit” winner was not announced.
There were three heats for the ATV Barrel Races. Prize money was paid to the first and second place finishers. The ATV purse was $600.
In the 4-wheel drive category, Jeff Roop finished with the fastest time, Kirk Huff was second and J.T. Hotchkiss was third. In the 2-wheel drive category, Jeff Roop was once again in first place and Jared Sparks in second place.

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