North Fork Times
Thursday July 30, 2015

b11 hogA total of 196 market animals and pens were offered for sale by 4-H and FFA members at the 2014 Junior Market Livestock Sale, held Saturday, Aug. 9, at the county fair.
The sale, totaling $245,285, included $106,925 for 32 beef animals, averaging $3,341.41 per head;

$3,750 for 13 chicken pens, averaging $340.91 per pen; $24,570 for 38 goats, averaging $646.58 per head; $26,150 for 35 lambs, averaging $747.14 per head; $900 for two rabbit pens, averaging $450 per pen; $80,360 for 72 swine, averaging $1,116.11 per head; and $900 for two pens of turkeys, averaging $450 per pen.
Total sales for the cheese basket sale were $1,755 for four baskets, averaging $438.75 per basket. The Delta County 4-H and FFA members again thank all the supporters of the Junior Market Livestock Sale.
Last year a total of 176 market animals were sold, with beef averaging $3,044.29 per head, chickens averaging $280 per pen, goats averaging $844.36 per head, lambs averaging $1,106 per head, turkeys averaging $262.50 per pen and swine averaging $1,355.97 per head. Two pens of rabbits went for $325 each.

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