North Fork Times
Thursday July 30, 2015

b01 oxbowThe concern by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) regarding the structural integrity of the load-out facility at Oxbow Mining following last Tuesday’s fire has been resolved.
According to Amy Louviere, spokesperson for the Department of Labor, “The belt line from under the silo to the upper floor of the train load-out building caught on fire, causing structure damage to the belt structure and the upper floor of the train load-out building.

  The belt and mine were idle at the time, with no persons at the mine.
“The unstable section of the train load-out belt structure was safely lowered to the ground and the Imminent Danger order MSHA had placed on the mine was terminated on Friday, Aug. 15.”
MSHA, an agency of the U.S. Department of Labor, issued the Imminent Danger order on Aug. 12. The following day, MSHA gave Oxbow a citation 50.10(d) which says “the operator shall immediately contact MSHA at once without delay and within 15 minutes … once the operator knows or should know that an accident has occurred…” The MSHA website says the citation has not been assessed yet. Oxbow has 30 days to contest the violation.

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