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Sunday August 02, 2015

Do you have old computers and printers piling up in your storage room or garage? If so, mark Saturday, June 14, on your calendar.

On that day from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m., you can take your old TVs, computer towers, monitors and printers to the Delta County Fairgrounds in Hotchkiss for recycling.
The e-waste recycling event is sponsored by the Western Slope Conservation Center, Hotchkiss Area Chamber of Commerce, First State Bank of Colorado, the Town of Hotchkiss and TDS. Funds raised will support the Hotchkiss Chamber and the Conservation Center’s recycling initiatives. And you’ll benefit by safely disposing of electronics you no longer need. In fact you can bring just about anything that plugs into an electrical outlet or operates on batteries. Not big appliances like a refrigerator, but you could bring a microwave, toaster oven, iron, blender or other small items.
The electronics will be reconditioned and given to schools, community centers and others who are in need.
The e-waste event is important in several ways.
“There’s a scarcity of affordable and responsible recycling services in our region,” Joanna Calabrese of the Conservation Center says. People can recycle electronics in Austin at Double J. But most towns in Delta County do not recycle e-waste. “So they often  get stockpiled in our basements taking up enormous amounts of space,” Calabrese says.
Colorado has banned e-waste from landfills.
“There is an unbelievable threat posed by all the toxic chemicals that are in electronics. For example, the one I think people know the most is mercury … If they go into the landfill, they leach and jeopardize groundwater and drinking water sources. A lot of the toxins seep and jeopardize air quality.” Most components will not biodegrade and will last forever if they are in landfills.
E-Waste Recyclers of Colorado will receive and recycle the electronics brought on June 14. The firm is located in Grand Junction.
Hard drives will be shredded, so personal information will be safely handled.
If you can’t make it because you’re very busy on Saturday, perhaps a neighbor can help you eliminate your e-waste.
Last year, there were three e-waste recycling events in the county. Delta County recycled over a 100,000 pounds of electronics.
Calabrese is especially hopeful big businesses that have been stockpiling for a long time will bring their electronics.
Calabrese wants to put one fear to rest about alkaline batteries. Since 1996, those batteries no longer contain mercury and can just be disposed of in your regular trash. According to the EPA, they are no longer hazardous. No need to bring them to the E-waste event.
A fee will be charged for some electronic items, others are free. Fees range from $10 to $50.
Call The Conservation Center for more information at 527-5307 ext. 204.

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