North Fork Times
Tuesday August 04, 2015

At the May Hotchkiss Town Council meeting, the annexation policy was submitted by Bo Nerlin, town attorney. The council is considering adopting the annexation policy in a resolution and an ordinance at the June 12 meeting.

The proposed ordinance is in compliance with state statutes.  The town council approved in May the format presented by the town attorney for the first reading.
There are four state requirements for annexation. They are:
“Not less than one-sixth of the perimeter of the property to be annexed may be contiguous to the annexing city or town;
“The petition for annexation is brought by landowners who represent at least 50 percent of the area being annexed (excluding public streets and alleys and any land owned by the annexing municipality);
“There must exist a ‘community of interest’ between the territory proposed to be annexed and the annexing municipality; and
“The territory proposed for annexation is or will be urbanized and is capable of being integrated into the annexing municipality.”
The policy sets forth the annexation procedure including the requirements of the applicant.
Contact town hall to review the full proposed ordinance and resolution.

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