North Fork Times
Friday July 31, 2015

In a project designed to introduce two Colorado creative communities to one another, artwork from Denver area artists is featured in an exhibition at the Blue Sage Center for the Arts in Paonia, and artwork from the North Fork Valley, encompassing Hotchkiss, Paonia and Crawford, is showing at Denver’s Paris on the Platte.
Earlier this year, two calls for entry invited artists to submit work for the shows.

 The team of North Fork Valley artists Helen and Ty Gillespie and Jared and Nicole Davis juried work from members of the Blue Sage Center for the Arts. And, Denver artists Sandra Kaplan and Fred Lunger did the honors to select Denver works to show at the Blue Sage. Juried, wrapped and transported from Paonia to Denver and vice versa, the artwork became the momentum for a creative exchange through shows that run through June 19 in Denver and through June 30 in Paonia.
The project was conceived a year ago, when Blue Sage director Annette Pretorius contacted Art D’Elke to inquire about showing Denver artists in the gallery in Paonia. Once it was agreed to make the shows reciprocal, the planning quickly took on a life of its own, recruiting artists, identifying jurors and setting dates.
And, even before the shows opened in early May, Pretorius said, “This is so much fun, let’s do it again.”
“We had a lot of fun traveling back and forth to the North Fork Valley,” says Art D’Elke’s Elke McGuire. “We became enchanted with the area’s amazing natural beauty and culture of galleries, artist studios, festivals, wineries, farms, ranches and farm-to-table cuisine.”  
The reciprocal exhibitions are produced collaboratively by Blue Sage Center for the Arts and Elke McGuire and Denise Robert of Art D’Elke.

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