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Tuesday August 04, 2015

Mayor Susie Steckel normally does not vote, but in order to have a quorum at the July 2 Crawford Town Council meeting, she chose to vote as is allowed by law.
Last Wednesday’s council included Mayor Steckel and trustees Cameron Clark, Wanda Gofforth and Hetty Todd.

The first item on the agenda was to approve the changes by town attorney James Brown on a ballot question for Crawford voters to decide. The town wants “to retain and spend revenues which would otherwise have to be refunded under TABOR.”  Jackie Savage, town clerk, believes the town needs to save those revenues rather than they being refunded to citizens. Building the town’s savings would mean more money will be available in the future for emergencies and projects. Brown will solicit comments, pro and con, for the state’s book on the Nov. 4 election.
The town is now taking bids for general contractors for Phase II of the Crawford Town Hall Renovation Project. Bidders must attend a mandatory pre-bid walk-through at 10 a.m., Thursday, July 24. Bids are due by 3 p.m., Thursday, Aug. 7.
The council approved the Department of Local Affairs grant to repair the town hall roof before winter.
The town will accept bids on the old tables and chairs in the community room. There are six wooden tables and 30 to 35 metal chairs. Any not sold will be given to the Crawford UMC Thrift Store.
Bruce Bair, public works director, told the council Don Ludwig is leaving in one month. Bair will advertise for the position, which he hopes to fill by August.
Bair said it will take 10 years to replace all the old water meters in town. Public Works will do 10 percent of the meters each year.
As of June 30, the spring flows are still good, but water usage is starting to increase. He asked people to use  water wisely and not just leave hoses running all day.
Bair is also getting quotes on putting in a new sidewalk in front of Town Hall. Steps will be replaced. He would like the project done before school starts. The council said with $2,000 in safety funds from CIRSA, the Conservation Trust Fund and some funds from the budget, the project could be paid for.
Bair will research funding available to put in curb and gutters. The total project would cost $100,000 for six blocks. He would like to do up Elm Street and down B Street from Crawford School to the county barn. GOCO has grants available for safe routes to schools. Bair wants to “gradually improve things.”

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