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Saturday August 01, 2015

The Hawks Haven Homeowners Association wants to make it clear that it is not the Hawks Haven LLC. At the May 27 Paonia town council meeting, a motion made by trustee Ross King regarding the agreement with the LLC to construct a road connecting Vista Drive and Pan American Drive incorrectly identified the LLC as the HOA. Hawks Haven LLC, formed in 2002, was dissolved in May 2013.

In a letter to trustee Ross King, HOA president Elaine Brett noted that the error, reported in the June 11 issue of the Delta County Independent “implicated the Hawks Haven (HOA) in a road issue that has been of some debate with the council.” Brett requested the town correct its records to reflect the error and notify the DCI of the correction.
“I did go back and look at my draft of the motion, and yes, I did say Hawks Haven HOA,” said King. He explained that the error was a result of an incorrect reading of the draft agreement for the road, submitted by the developers, “and that was in error. This should reflect, and I will make correction to, the minutes.”
Paonia trustees voted 5-1 to give The Living Farm Café and Inn, 120 Grand Avenue, a year to construct off-street parking to accommodate overnight guests staying at the five-room inn. Town code currently prohibits parking on Grand Avenue between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. The town will issue special permits for one year, allowing TLF and property owner Chris Yates time to construct the lot.
Per town code, the lot must be “surfaced with asphalt or concrete or other dustless surface” approved by the town planning commission. “I feel that that is a reasonable request, that we could do it in one year,” said TLF representative Emma Stopher-Griffin.
Town staff also considered the option of  reversing town code to allow overnight parking on Grand Avenue,   and to remove all related signage.
Trustee Charles Stewart offered a third option: “to simply deny the request.”
Trustee Amber Kleinman called that option unreasonable, in light of the letter presented to the board by Ed Marston requesting the refund of a $13,000 parking assessment he paid in 1998 (see related story). “Are we going to still go on the line of thought that we are going to have all the businesses on Main Street have their own off-street parking?” Kleinman asked.  
“When the building permit (for TLC in 2012) was issued, this issue should have been addressed and it wasn’t,” said trustee Ross King. “For us to just unilaterally come out and say, ‘You will do this,’” is unfair and unacceptable.
Trustee David Bradford cast the dissenting vote, stating that the request of a year to build the spaces “… seems like a pretty weak agreement, and we’re already dealing with a weak agreement (for construction of a road) with this Hawks Haven situation.”
Trustees voted unanimously to delay awarding a bid for the rehabilitation of a half million-gallon concrete water storage tank on Cresthaven Road. The town received four bids for the project. During the bidding process it came to light that the tank, identified as having a half million-gallon storage capacity, actually holds 220,000 gallons. In addition, bids came in considerably higher than original engineer’s estimates. The combined lowest bid for the project was $41,273.08 higher than engineering estimates, said Mayor Schwieterman.
Public works director Travis Loberg recommended in writing that the project be deferred until the town’s  other water projects, including installation of a raw water line, construction of a new filtration plant and two million-gallon storage tank are completed. The town is waiting on completion of a cultural survey and environmental assessment of the storage tank site and approval by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), which may delay the project another two months.
Trustee King turned to interim town manager Steve Rabe for assurance that postponing the project would not violate the terms of the bond agreement or grants. Rabe said he is not “intimately familiar” with all the aspects of the projects, but said that the town could postpone work on the 220,000-gallon tank, adding that Loberg’s alternative plan to supplying water is “reasonable.”
In the interim, said Rabe, the town could look for cost-cutting measures on the 220,000-gallon tank.
Trustees voted 5-1 to approve a special events liquor license to KVNF for the annual Pickin’ Productions’ Pickin’ in the Park Concert Series. Concerts are held each Thursday evening in August at Paonia Town Park. The summer concert series is now in its seventh season.
Trustee Dave Bradford cast the dissenting vote, saying that he had several questions upon receipt of the application. For example, why the event must be held at Town Park? When and how the original permit was issued? And who determines what fees are collected? Bradford also wanted to know what security measures are taken to see that no alcohol violations are committed, and what liability the town might have in the event of problems. He compared the application, “a one-page deal with a map on the back,” to the Cherry Days application, which includes all the background information he would like to see.
“I would think you would want to put this information together,” said Bradford.
Mike Drake, with the Paonia Chamber of Commerce, said neither the town nor the state requests a security plan, but assured Bradford that the event is closely monitored by KVNF, which sponsors the event, and assured that no children or inebriated concertgoers are served. He added that all paperwork required by the state and the town were completed. “If the city would like us to submit more, we would be happy to do that,” said Drake.

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