Wednesday September 03, 2014

Parents who plan to establish a non-public home-based educational program must provide written notification to the local school district of residence. A statement is required annually and should include the name, age, place of residence and number of hours of attendance of each child enrolled in the non-public home-based program.

Delta County Joint School District #50 has taken steps to replace an aging bus fleet with the purchase of three activity buses and two smaller 14-passenger buses.
Business manager Jim Ventrello reviewed the bids with school board members last week.

Delta County Joint School District #50 refinanced just over $3 million in bonds last week, saving taxpayers $389,000 over the nine years remaining until maturity.
Refinancing does not affect the school district’s general fund operations, because a separate mill levy is collected for bond payments.

b01 busPhoto by Kathy Browning Whew! First week is over! The first few days of the new school year happened last week. Wednesday, Aug. 20, was the first day. Bus driver Chris Turpin said she first picks up students from Hotchkiss K-8 and then heads over and picks up the teens from Hotchkiss High School. Above are the kids from Hotchkiss K-8 last Friday, happy to be heading home with that first week of school out of the way.

Vision Charter Academy announces, as part of a coordinated elementary schedule, first and second, and fifth and sixth grade classes at the North Fork Campus to begin on Tuesday, Sept. 2. Influenced by Waldorf methods, the classes build a love of learning through integrated, extended lessons and an attention to the “whole child.”

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