Saturday March 28, 2015

The Paonia Elementary School second graders celebrated a special culminating activity after learning about the history and present of their local community. Historians, artists and retired teachers were invited to share tea and view a special presentation in their honor of making Paonia a wonderful place to live, learn and grow.

Applicants for the proposed Mt. Lamborn School of Arts & Science, a tuition-free, Waldorf-inspired public school, are regrouping after the Colorado Board of Education sided with the Delta County School District (DCSD) in denying the application.
At a March 11 appeals hearing in Denver, the BOE voted 4-3 to affirm the decision of the board, based on numerous concerns with the application.

Winners of the competitions at Colorado Mesa University’s 24th annual Media Day 2015 were released last week by the CMU Mass Communication Department. Several area high schools were recognized for overall excellence in newspaper and yearbook competitions.

The Colorado State Board of Education approved a resolution on March 11 supporting parents’ right to make choices about their child’s participation in tests and related data collection.
The board’s resolution strongly discourages actions by school boards or school districts to interfere with parental rights or attempt to influence parents’ decisions about testing or data collection.  

Information about the Lena Sammons Reed Scholarship is available at Look under the students’ tab on the bottom right for requirements and application.

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