Friday February 27, 2015

With between 6 and 8 inches of snow on the ground, and more falling throughout the morning, Delta County School District administrators decided early Monday to cancel classes. The decision extended the school district’s winter break by an additional day.

Since 2000, the Vision program has provided educational choice for students in Delta, Mesa and Montrose counties. Those 14 years have seen a great deal of change in the program, which now operates as a charter school under the umbrella of Delta County Joint School District #50.

The Delta High School speech team competed with seven other schools at the 27th annual Montrose Rondez-Vous. The team was highly successful, placing in every event and winning the first-place overall sweepstakes trophy.

Graduating high school seniors can now apply online for the J. Robert Young annually renewable scholarships. Students may complete an application online at

The Uncompahgre Valley Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution recognized six high school seniors selected by their schools to receive the Good Citizen Award. This year’s awards were presented to Paula Strickland, Delta High School; Theresa Tafoya, Olathe High School; Amber Metz, Telluride High School; Korrisa Lambert, Montrose High School; Laura Ann Lund, Paonia High School; and Jordan Williams from Norwood High School.

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