Monday November 24, 2014

The first of four listening sessions hosted by Delta County Joint School District was held in Delta Nov. 13. The next is scheduled for Cedaredge High School tonight (Nov. 19) at 6 p.m.

The Delta High School speech and debate team began the 2014-15 season with attendance at the annual Novice Meet, held this year at Paonia High School on Saturday, Nov. 8. While only half of the new members were able to attend due to conflicts, those who went performed very, very well.

The PRIDE team at Lincoln Elementary School recently completed a successful fundraiser through BELIEVE. Students raised about $23,000 selling candles, candy, wrapping paper, kitchen gadgets and miscellaneous items.

An application for a new charter school in the North Fork Valley will be the subject of a community meeting Friday, Nov. 21, at 6 p.m. at Paonia Elementary School.
The meeting is being hosted by Delta County Board of Education, the sole chartering authority for Delta County.

Tributes to America, its military veterans, and to the service of God and country called “patriotism” were shared by student writers from Cedaredge Middle School and Cedaredge High School during Veterans Day observances on Nov. 11.
The five talented writers were among those from the two schools who  submitted work for the Patriot’s Pen and the Voice of Democracy writing contests.

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