Saturday May 30, 2015

A handful of departing principals and assistant principals set in motion a change of leadership at several Delta County schools for the 2015-16 school year.
Michael Beard, believed to be the longest-running principal to serve Hotchkiss High School, has retired.

According to a recent survey, 99 percent of Delta County educators believe they work in a school environment that is safe. Statewide, 91.7 percent of educators agreed with that assessment.

The last day of school for Delta County students is Friday, May 22, with graduation ceremonies scheduled throughout the county as follows:

Vision Charter Academy (VCA) held successful showcases at which learners displayed work completed and demonstrated skills they learned during the school year. This year’s learners amazed the attendees with unique work including:

The 87 graduates of Olathe High School will always be Pirates, but in the words of head boy Saul Reyes, they’re now captains of their own ships, heading off to college, vocational school, the workforce and the military. Reyes spoke of the pride, tradition and excellence that make Olathe a great community, comments that were echoed by the distinguished alumnus, Steve Stephenson.

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