Surface Creek
Wednesday July 30, 2014

The Cedaredge police department will be looking for a new officer next month.
Officer Nick Rogers, with the department for six months, is leaving the post, Chief Dan Sanders reported to the town trustees on July 17.

Rogers and his family are leaving this area and he is looking to enter a different career field, Sanders said.

Cedaredge trustees have adopted a policy which it is hoped will close a rocky chapter between the town and homeowners who live around the Cedaredge Golf Course.
The town board on July 17 adopted its “Golf Course Neighborhood Policy,” a multi-page document that in broad terms outlines property rights and obligations of the town and golf course home-owners.

c02 cameraIf you should encounter a Cedaredge Police officer, he won’t tell you to say “cheese.” But he may be taking your picture.

Cedaredge police are testing new high-tech on-body cameras, and according to officers and the Chief they have already proven useful during law enforcement encounters.

I’ve lived in many places including Boston area, Tucson, Santa Barbara, Las Vegas, Nev., Lubbock, Texas, and now Cedaredge. Each of these areas has different climates and weather systems, different soils, and most importantly, a different selection of plants that do well for the area.

(Bad Press)
It’s cold, even for early March! But these birds don’t seem to mind … they’re flitting from the juniper to cottonwood and then to the pear tree.

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