Surface Creek
Sunday February 01, 2015

c01 northrd2As the result of a work session last week between county officials and Orchard City trustees, a proposed design for a new lane striping scheme at North Road and Highway 65 will be submitted to CDOT for approval.
The design is the work of county engineering and road and bridge department staff. The design is intended to accommodate loaded gravel trucks that one day will use the North Road/Highway 65 intersection as the principal haul route from the North Road gravel pit.
District #2 County Commissioner Bruce Hovde explained that county officials were at last week’s town hall session to present the county’s plan for intersection lane striping. County engineer Bob Kalenak explained in an email, “The design is intended to safely maneuver belly dump trucks through the intersection with both north and southbound turn movements, and  to improve the safety of the intersection for all traffic using it.”

c01 sundialA fitting memorial to the late Wes England and the 44 years of service he dedicated to Orchard City has been placed in the town’s Centennial Park.
The memorial, a sundial mounted on a pedestal, is an appropriate remembrance for her husband’s efforts on behalf of the town and its people, said his wife Mary, who worked beside her husband for 44 years.
“He never wasted a minute and didn’t want anyone else to, either. He was always aware of time; how much time for this and how much time for that? He did work hard. That’s the way he was.”
Wes passed away on Dec. 15, 2013.

After an almost two-month hiatus, I am back. I have been nursing a cold for the last three weeks without an end in sight.

Collared Dove
Another gray day. But there is a bit of blue between the clouds and the wind is not blowing.

MDF Drywall of Cedaredge has been chosen by the Cedaredge Town Board as contractor on the first phase of remodeling at the Community Center.
Work is expected to begin soon, perhaps as early as this week.

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