Surface Creek
Wednesday August 20, 2014

c01 parkThe saying goes that to a man with a hammer everything looks like a nail.
That was true recently when a man on a motorcycle with his wife aboard set out on a summer trip into the alpine summer scenery of the Grand Mesa.

He was looking for an inspiring experience and he found it before ever leaving Cedaredge.

A recently issued report from a private commercial testing laboratory points to “design-build” alterations as a likely principle reason Orchard City’s new West Main water distribution line has experienced failures.
The pipeline project, which was originally planned as a $4 to $5 million improvement taking two years to complete, benefitted from federal stimulus money payments.

Two water line projects that have been on Orchard City’s list for a long time were included in a bid award made to Peterson Excavating  during a special trustee meeting held on July 30.
The two projects are the Kermit/Kettle water line and the Vela Lane water line.

c02 starrThe moment that the David Starr Band began playing, a half dozen people got up with their cameras and smartphones  taking photos of the event.
It was news for music lovers in the valley.

The band’s gig at RJ’s Steakhouse on Saturday was its first performance together since taking an appearance “time out” last year.

Common Sunflower
The county weed cutter has been along the edge of this road. But the sunflowers refuse to quit ­— some are at least four inches tall and in full bloom!

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