Surface Creek
Monday December 22, 2014

Orchard City Trustee Jan Gage, the town board’s current mayor pro-tem, has announced her resignation from the town board.
Gage told the DCI that with new job duties she won’t have enough time to devote to her trustee position.

Orchard City trustees acting on Dec. 10 adopted a 2015 budget that calls for $1.77 million in total spending.
The town’s largest budget fund is the water fund.

The Cedaredge Town Board adopted a 2015 budget as expected during its regular monthly meeting on Thursday, Dec. 11.
The 102-page budget document lays out revenue projections and spending plans for the year.

When it comes to “Merry Christmas” this year, Surface Creek Valley is saying it with music.
Musical performances are highlighting the season as schools, businesses, churches, and the Pioneer Town Chapel of the Cross stage programs and performances for the public to enjoy.

Hart’s Basin
Reprinted by request
7 p.m., Monday,
Oct 4, 2004
As we pull in, our headlights are bright against the garage door … I miss the long days of summer!

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