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Thursday October 23, 2014

c01 hudsonThe Delta County Independent has been notified that Hudson, the little munchkin cat living at the Cedaredge shelter, has been adopted to a new home.
Hudson was featured in a Sept. 24 article introducing the town’s new animal control officer. Hudson’s curricullum vitae in the story seems to have struck a sympathetic chord with a DCI reader and Hudson had his new home two days later.
Hudson is a munchkin: a cat with a breeding, or genetic, anomaly that produces very short legs.

Costs for both construction and operation of Cedaredge’s proposed new sewer treatment plant are on the rise according to a current engineers’ report.
Engineers and town officials are hoping they can put together a package of grants and low interest loans to fill the widening funding gap for construction.

Cedaredge trustees will discuss the first draft of a proposed marijuana growing ordinance at their Oct. 16 regular meeting.
The draft ordinance is the result of public safety concerns expressed by the mayor, town administrator, chief of police and trustees over large, indoor marijuana growing operations like one found in town earlier this year.

c02 mattes“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is more than Wanda Brunemeier’s personal philosophy, it’s also the guiding principle by which she has run her business for the past 20 years.
This month, Brunemeier is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Mattes & More, which provides matting and framing services.

The business is located in Cory just off Highway 65, next to the home occupied by Wanda and her husband Jerry.
The business started in a 24x24-foot shop adjacent to their home. As the business has grown, so has the shop, which has been expanded a number of times to accommodate a growing inventory and computerized equipment.

The Orchard City  trustees will likely revisit a decision made last month which, they hoped, would provide more interest on cash deposits.
At the board’s work session on Oct. 8, staff reported that its planned CD investment in a government liquid asset fund did not carry a 100 percent guarantee for principal – a guarantee similar to that which depositers in FDIC-insured financial institutions get.

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