Surface Creek
Wednesday July 29, 2015

Cedaredge town trustees “have been getting a lot of reading material,” said mayor Pat Means at the July 17 trustees’ meeting.
The trustees have been prepping for how best to regulate the large-scale indoor growing of marijuana.

The effort was prompted by the recent discovery of a big, indoor “medical marijuana” grow operation in town.
Issues of public safety came into play at the grow operation found operating in town. Electrical service was illegally and dangerously rewired to provide power for high-heat producing grow lights in the residential structure. Damage to the rented property was caused by mold  that thrived under intense heat combined with 150,000 gallons of water the operation was using each month to raise up to 75 plants under a “doctor’s prescription,” town officials said.
Growing medical marijuana is legal, and growing large quantities of it can’t be banned because of a loophole in the state’s marijuana laws, explains Police Chief Dan Sanders.
So town officials are looking to find ways of restricting the “indoor cultivation of plant substances in large volumes” by use of building codes and zoning regulations. Several communities in the state have already enacted ordinances intended to regulate indoor pot growing. Town officials are using those ordinances as models for developing ordinances for the town to adopt.
The discussion was animated at the July 17 meeting but no formal action was taken.
In other business at their July 17 meeting, the Cedaredge Town Board dealt with the following matters:
• Police Chief  Sanders reported that the Shriners Clowns who participated in the Little Britches Rodeo Parade complained of being pelted with water balloons by young onlookers during their parade performance. Sanders said there is no ordinance under which the young balloon throwers could be cited.
Parade organizers worked hard and were proud of the improved participation in the parade this year, including addition of the Shriners Clowns. Their participation again next year may be in doubt.
• Trustees approved liquor license renewals for Hong Palace and The Pondy.
• Results from the financial report showed sales tax revenues 2 percent lower than the same time last year.
• Trustees accepted and approved the 2013 town audit.
• The finance director rolled over a $100,000 Certificate of Deposit for 36 months at 0.75 percent interest.
• Trustees approved a budget supplement for the second quarter of 2014 for salary adjustments made in the public works department reorganization, and an additional $4,000 for police department computer upgrades.
• Trustees approved two special event liquor license applications for the Chamber of Commerce; one for Apple
Fest and the other for the Golden Gala.
• The trustees’ agenda also included a discussion  of “board of trustee member compensation for only new elected members after 2016.”
• Golf Pro Larry Murphy reported that he had hosted youth golf camps during July, including one for the high school golf team members.
• The town administrator reports that CDOT  wants to correct an improperly recorded  right-of-way at the Main Street intersection with Grand Mesa Drive. The administrative work is another delay in the improvement work planned for the intersection. The project is being called the “CDOT Enhancement Project.”

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