Surface Creek
Friday July 31, 2015

The Surface Creek Saddle Club (SCSC) benefit concert, featuring Ray Carpenter, raised more than $3,200. The concert was held at the Stolte Shed in Cedaredge on July 25.

Tracy Dill and Dennis Palmer, co-chairs of the event, said, “We had more than 130 people in attendance, coming from as far away as Glenwood Springs.” Both agreed the concert exceeded their expectations and that the generosity and support of the community was overwhelming.
In addition to the concert, there was a silent auction.
The proceeds will go toward replacing the grandstands that had to be torn down recently at the SCSC facility in Cedaredge after being damaged by spring wind storms. The grandstands are an integral part of the SCSC rodeo grounds and have been used for spectators who attend the annual Little Britches Rodeo, which is the longest continuous-running event of its kind in the nation. The rodeo grounds are also used for a summer gymkhana series and by several barrel racing groups in the area.
Donations are still being accepted and can be sent to SCSC Grandstand Fund, P.O. Box 271, Cedaredge, CO 81413.
Special thanks go to the businesses and individuals who made the fundraiser a huge success, including DeVinny Jewelers, Aspen Carriage, TP Services, Steve and Eunice Ward, Cedaredge Plumbing, Deb Schaeffer, Deb’s Boutique, Estella and Bud Holmes, Melanie Son, Mellenium Wellness, Tigger’s Place, John and Gena Cooper, Andy and Mary Kinzer, Dennis and Randy Palmer, Paul and Tracy Dill, Janice Jones, Jimmy and Kristie LaValley, John and Paula Mitchell, Lori Molitor, Pattie Timmerwilke, Rich and Betty Garrett, Sisson’s Feed, Todd Thatcher and Dragon Fire Creations.

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