Surface Creek
Friday July 31, 2015

With final farewells said and appropriate respects paid, the big, shiny motorcycles of the 29th annual Serenity Run departed from Cedaredge on Sunday.
There were many pledges of “Let’s do it again next year.”

For some of the participants it means a return to families, jobs, and social responsibilities.
For others, however, it is the midpoint of an endless summer of motorcycle rallies as they form the familiar, long and loud serpentine convoys that will lead to the 74th annual Harley-Davidson motorcycle rally in Sturgis, S.D., Aug. 4-10.
The Serenity Run gave the local Cedaredge economy a needed boost as the town’s guests spent money at motels, restaurants and the grocery and convenience stores.
They also contributed to a VFW pancake breakfast fundraiser that is held every year on Friday and Saturday. This year it was at the Stolte Shed.
The VFW breakfasts always draw a good turnout from local residents as well, and the two-day event at the Stolte Shed this year attracted lots of local residents who provided friendly socialization for the bikers while they were here.
Next year will be the 30th edition of the Serenity Run and a big gathering can be expected as the community opens it arms wide again to receive the  event.

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