Surface Creek
Tuesday July 28, 2015

c02 starrThe moment that the David Starr Band began playing, a half dozen people got up with their cameras and smartphones  taking photos of the event.
It was news for music lovers in the valley.

The band’s gig at RJ’s Steakhouse on Saturday was its first performance together since taking an appearance “time out” last year.

Performing without keyboardist Doc Adkins who has moved back to central Arkansas to be nearer to family, David Starr along with Roy Martin, Greg Stratman and Mark Anderson produced some familiar favorite sounds for their appreciative fans.
The RJ’s gig won’t be the only performance of the group in this revival. David told the DCI, “We do have the annual Party In The Park event coming up on August 30 at 5 p.m. There are no other David Starr Band gigs currently booked, but it could happen!”
 The band’s performance hiatus began last year at AppleFest, and David explained the group’s members haven’t been wasting  any musical time or talent. “We did take some time off after AppleFest last year so that we could focus on the some other things individually,” he said.
“I’ve been on the road promoting my solo CD all over the place. I’ve played in Canada, Colorado, Texas, Tennessee, California and Arkansas in the last year. And my CD is on the Americana charts in the States and the UK Hotdisc charts in the UK and Europe. I plan to tour the UK  next spring.
“Roy Martin has been playing with Paul Frazier in the Solar Brothers project and teaching guitar at Starr’s Guitars.
“Mark Anderson plays for his church most Sunday mornings and is part of a blues band called Indigo Prophets.
“Greg Stratman plays in his church as well and runs a thriving real estate and property management business with ReMax.”
David’s own Starr’s Guitar’s store on West Main Street has always been a focus of community activity and that continues also. David notes,   “By the way, Starr’s Guitars is hosting a Business After Hours on Monday, Aug. 18 from 5 to 7 p.m. at the store, 250 W. Main Street. Refreshments and music are by Shelley Rae and all are invited.”
The store will be the scene of some additional activities, David said. “I have an in-store concert coming up with singer/songwriter Susan Gibson on Wednesday, Aug 27 at 7 p.m. One of Susan’s songs, “Wide Open Spaces,” was a hit for the Dixie Chicks several years ago. She is currently on tour with her friend and fellow songster Jana Pochop.  Jana will also perform. There is limited seating in the store and tickets are $20 per person.  It should be a nice, intimate setting for songs and stories.”
Call 856-2331 Tuesday through Saturday for reservations to that event.

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