Surface Creek
Monday August 03, 2015

Two water line projects that have been on Orchard City’s list for a long time were included in a bid award made to Peterson Excavating  during a special trustee meeting held on July 30.
The two projects are the Kermit/Kettle water line and the Vela Lane water line.

Trustees discussed putting the work out for a re-bid because only one bidder had responded. They decided to award the bid for both projects for an amount not to exceed $170,000. The mayor was authorized to  sign a contract that will include final negotiations  over cost of a culvert or bore on one section of the project.
The notice of bid award took place at the special trustee meeting held for the purpose of discussing the project and reviewing bids.
Following the bid award, the town board then adjourned into a work session to discuss various matters including the following ones:
• Trustees discussed a memorial to the late Wes England, long-time mayor of Orchard City. The privately funded  memorial being planned is a sundial sitting atop a pedestal that would be placed in Centennial Park at the town hall.
• Trustees discussed a presentation on investment options for town cash from a local financial manager. The trustee finance committee has not discussed the matter in detail.
• The town has budgeted $500 per year for the local cloud seeding program on Grand Mesa. Managers of the program have asked for a letter of support for a grant application they will be submitting for additional funds.
Cloud seeding has been a practice on Grand Mesa for decades. There are now 16 cloud seeding devises doing the work, up from eight of them a few years ago.
Cloud seeding is accomplished by ground-based devices that send ice-like crystals of silver iodide skyward by means of a heating flame.
The practice is believed to increase snowpack by 5 to 15 percent, according to some authorities.

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