Surface Creek
Friday July 31, 2015

c05 picnic1The annual Orchard City town picnic took place at Town Park last Saturday.
The event, more than anything else, is a chance for friends and neighbors to enjoy a cookout meal in the spacious accommodations of the park’s pavilion, and to have some games to entertain the kids.

The cookout meal was provided by the town and served up by elected officials and staff.
The new Fairview School memorial was put on display for the first time (see related story).
And for fun, there was the traditional watermelon eating contest and water feature for the kids, along with the popular pie baking contest.
The pie baking contest drew 13 entries this year. First prize went to Jessica Axtell for her coconut cream pie. Second place went to Nome Boyd for her Almond Joy pie, and third place went to Jan Gage for her cherry/peach pie.c05 picnic2

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