Surface Creek
Wednesday July 29, 2015

c02 runThe Cedaredge Booster Club got off to a running start for a year of reorganized and reinvigorated support for local schools, hosting its first annual Back to School Fun  Run/Walk 5k last Saturday.
The event was a fundraiser for the Cedaredge Booster Club, an organization that supports all extra-curricular activities in all three of the Cedaredge schools, explained President Ken Gates.

As the funding needs for school-sponsored extra-curricular activities falls more and more on the students, parents and families who participate in them, the Cedaredge Booster Club is “reinvigorating” itself this year, Gates said,
The Cedaredge Booster Club will be participating with other school orgnizations on concession sales, and local support from businesses, individuals, groups and clubs is always key to accomplishing its mission.
The Cedaredge Booster Club “isn’t just high school football,” Gates confirmed. The emphasis is on all three schools: Cedaredge High School, Cedaredge Middle School, and Cedaredge elementary school.
The student activities the Cedaredge Booster Club supports include not only athletics, but all of the students’ extracurricular efforts. The Cedartedge Booster Club’s purpose is that, “All of the extra-curricular activities play a huge part in student character development,” Gates said.
The Cedaredge Booster Club is open to all who want to participate in or support its work. The best way to get in touch with the club and to start participating is to call the CHS office, 865-6882, and talk with Christie Stratman or Brandon Milholland.

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