Surface Creek
Saturday August 01, 2015

c02 suppliesRather than spending a perfect summer morning on personal indulgences or got-to-do errands, members of the Cedaredge Assembly of God Women’s Ministry spent last Saturday morning distributing free school supplies to local students and families.
“It gave us the chance to witness that we are doing this out of the love of Jesus Christ,” said Denise Rains, one of the organizers of the ministry.

The idea for the free school supplies ministry came to the congregation via another congregation in Kentucky that hosts a similar event each year, explained church Pastor Bob Hillyer.
The idea for the project was taken up by members of the women’s fellowship group who used available resources provided by the entire congregation to buy new school supplies for up to 100 students.
Working off of local teachers’ own student supply lists, the women bagged the appropriate materials for each of the grade levels from kindergarten through fifth.
It was all assembled in the church sanctuary/fellowship hall on Saturday.
Everything needed was there, from pencils and erasers to attractive and stylish backpacks that any student would be proud to own. It was laid out on tables and made available for the local students and their parents to have and use.
One member of the women’s ministry group is a local third grade teacher who provided some “technical assistance” on the project. She advised that the event be held on the Saturday right before the first day of school to lessen the chances of students losing any of their new  possessions before school actually starts.
The school provisions were packaged in amounts to last the kids until about half the school year, also to keep unused materials from disappearing before they are needed.
The women’s group will host a second school supply event at the church around Christmastime and local families will have another chance to stock up again for the second half of the school year.

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