Surface Creek
Wednesday July 29, 2015

A problem with budget priorities known as “lack of available funds”  has been solved for Cedaredge trustees by the Delta County commissioners.
Attending the town board’s monthly work session on Aug. 14, County Commissioner Bruce Hovde made the surprise announcement of a $15,000 gift to the town from the commissioners’ Lottery Trust Fund discretionary spending account.

The money will be for a planned remodel of two community center rooms to serve as a permanent council meeting room and municipal court room.
At a budget meeting on July 30, the town board decided to use its available $15,000 remodeling money to instead fix lighting and electrical problems in Town Park and at the tennis courts there.  
With the donation announced by Hovde last week, now it is expected that both the remodel and  the electrical upgrade will be completed this year.
The Town Park electrical work will provide ample and accessible power for Apple-Fest food vendors, trustees said, as well as new lighting to the tennis courts.
The county commissioners each have a discretionary spending account for projects within their district that is funded with money from the lottery. Those funds over the  years have been used to help with numerous capital projects throughout the county, particularly projects undertaken by the municipalities.

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