Surface Creek
Monday August 03, 2015

The Surface Creek Saddle Club (SCSC) kicked off its annual summer gymkhana series for 2014 on Wednesday, May 28, with a record 33 contestants. Each gymkhana includes a barrel race, pole bending, a flag race and each night there will be a different, unique fun race.

There will be 8 more gymkhana’s this year at the Surface Creek Arena in Cedaredge. The schedule for the season is as follows:
June 4, 11, 18 and 25;
July 2, 16, 23 and 30.
The age categories for the gymkhanas are: 7 and under (includes lead line), 8-13; 14-17; 18 and over. Entry fees are $5 per event. There is also a one time membership fee of $20 for the SCSC which helps to cover insurance, the cost of maintaining the arena and utilities. Prizes and ribbons will be awarded in each age category each evening, and, as well, awards will be given for the overall top three high-point winners at the end of the season. The date and time for the end-of-the-season awards ceremony will be announced later.
Signup for all of the gymkhanas is at the arena on each night beginning at 6 p.m. Events will start at 6:45 p.m. We are looking for all skill levels of riders and horses to have fun and compete in these events. In addition, we are always looking for volunteers to time the races, run gates, and help with various other activities required to sponsor these games. Spectators are welcome and the concession stand will be open each evening as well.
For more information, please contact Connie Frost, 856-3365 or Kacy Stillings, 985-8443.
Results for Wednesday’s gymkhana are as follows:
Adults: Barrels — Jeni Cerise, Dhaun Cose, Chelsea Hotchkiss, Brittnee Kramer, Kacy Stillings; Pole Bending — Chelsea Hotchkiss, Brittnee Kramer, Kacy Stillings, Keith Stillings, Dhaun Cose; Flag Race — Keith Stillings, Michele Skerl, Mandy Trembly, Kacy Stillings, Paula Mitchell; Fun Race — Brittnee Kramer, Keith Stillings, Mandy Trembly, Isobel Hertlein, Michele Skerl.
14-18 year olds: Barrels — Sierra McHugh, Alyssa Isaman, Mackenzie Kenyon, Kendall McHugh, Taylor Berardi; Pole Bending — Sierra McHugh, Alyssa Isaman, Kendall McHugh, Taylor Berardi, Mackenzie Kenyon; Flag Race — Sierra McHugh, Kendall McHugh, Alyssa Isaman; Fun Race — Sierra McHugh, Kendall McHugh, Alyssa Isaman.
8-13 year olds: Barrels — Kole Hawkins, Aly Morton, Tess Gore, Emma Purvis; Pole Bending — Kole Hawkins, Aly Morton, Jesse Stillings, Tess Gore; Flag Race — Kole Hawkins, Jesse Stillings, Emma Purvis; Fun race — Aly Morton, Kole Hawkins, Emma Purvis, Tess Gore.
7 and under: Barrels — Wylee Lorimor, Logan Stillings, Braxton Lorimor, Payton White, Tatum Lujan; Pole Bending — Wylee Lorimor, Logan Stillings, Macklynn Greenhalgh, Graxton Lorimor, Colie Kelleher; Flag Race — Wylee Lorimor, Macklynn Greenhalgh, Logan Stillings, Braxton Lorimor; Fun Race — Wylee Lorimor, Macklynn Greenhalgh, Braxton, Lorimor, Logan Stillings, Colie Kelleher.
High Point Winners
— Adults: Keith Stillings, Brittnee Kramer, Mandy Trembly; 14-18 year olds: Sierra McHugh, Alyssa Isaman, Kendall McHugh; 8-13 year olds: Kole Hawkins, Aly Morton, Emma Purvis; 7 and under: Wylee Lorimor, Braxton Lorimor, Logan Stillings.

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