Surface Creek
Saturday August 01, 2015

Orchard City’s program to increase the efficiency of its water utility delivery system showed progress this spring.
The monthly water audit showed a 6 percent drop in the amount of treated water loss from the system in April as compared with March.

Two significant water leaks were repaired during April: one underneath the Eckert water tank and another in the Cedaredge area.
“It looks like we stopped some leaks, and the decrease is a good sign. I hope the big drop (in water loss) holds,” said trustee Jimmie Boyd.
In a separate water matter, the town is still looking at options for solving the problem that caused a big water line break in December on the new West Main transmission line.
Town officials have been talking with its engineering firm, the materials supplier, and the installing contractor trying to find and remedy any problems that may still exist.
In other official action at their May 14 meeting:
• Trustees appointed Cydne Menzel and re-appointed Doug Speedie to the town planning commission.
• The board gave final approval to a lot split subdivision of 60.5 acres and 2.22 acres on Fruitgrowers Road, and  approved another split into 3.93 and 1.19 acres on 2100 Road.
• Alumni of Fairview School want to donate a bench on the Town Park walking trail and costs were discussed. Prices could be in the $500 to $600 range, it was stated.
• In a trustee report, it was stated that Delta County Economic Development is interested in trying to acquire the property formerly used as the CSU Research Station on Rogers Mesa. The report said that the property will be taken off the market for one year so DCED can have time to study the idea.
• Another trustee report stated that it may take a year to get the new fire truck stationed at Orchard City because it’s been decided the unit will be a brand new model yet to be built, and not a demonstrator as had been planned.

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