Surface Creek
Monday August 03, 2015

c01 flag Horizons Care Center was host to a flag ceremony presented by Cedaredge VFW Post #9221 and Auxiliary as well as the American Legion Cobbet-Welty Post.

There are 13 men and women veterans currently residing at Horizons. Though several were not present at the outdoor program, all were recognized and applauded as their names were read and given a certificate and pin in thanks for the contribution of their service to our country.

In addition, all were given a reflective flag sticker and a small American flag.

Those honored were: Alice Winkler, U.S. Navy; Richard Fischer, U.S. Army; Cecil Rost, U.S. Army; Edward Douglass, U.S. Army; Pauline Monger, U.S. Army nurse; Richard Miklich, U.S. Navy; Warren Ledger, U.S. Navy; Lawrence MacKendrik, U.S. Air Force; Jack Hibbert, U.S. Air Force;  Richard Jones, U.S. Merchant Marine; Lawrence Cruthers,U.S. Air Force; Jay Hall, U.S. Air Force;  and Joe McFadden, U.S. Air Force.

The program included two patriotic songs sung by Kathy Meehan and a demonstration of how to fold the American flag with Helen Barton, representing VFW Auxiliary, reading the meaning behind each of the 13 folds.

A history given by VFW Commander Gary Toleffson of how and why the flag was called “Old Glory” for a time in our history.

Another story was told about the unknown designer of the first American flag. The nation is aware that it was Betsy Ross who sewed the red, white and blue pieces together, but there is apparently controversy over who drew up the design. This story, when completed, was followed by “Oh’s” and “I’ve never heard that” by many of those present.

Bill Miller, representing the American Legion, presented each veteran with their certificates and patriotic pins. VFW Chaplin Jim Latta closed the program with prayer.

Following the program, everyone went inside the building to enjoy refreshments.

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