Surface Creek
Tuesday August 04, 2015

c01 pioneer4There was plenty to see and do for all those visitors checking out Pioneer Town’s ‘Night on the Town’ on the evening of Tuesday, June 24. Anyone checking out the parking lots, walking the town’s boardwalks and visiting the buildings were well-aware that the turnout by couples, seniors, families with children, and other individuals was outstanding.

The Dobie Brothers —- Jim Hackanson and Al Smith — entertained in the Lizard Head Saloon, and piano player Cherp Roderick played a session there, too. Steve Juneman’s soul-felt flute playing sounded from in front of the Indian museum. Vernette Mackley played the organ in the Chapel of the Cross and was joined by Midge Hagen, Lila Nelson and others who stopped by and enjoyed singing along.
c01 pioneer2Artists sharing their talents were Carol Ann Rasmussen demonstrating alcohol ink painting and artist Daphna Russell. John Schmidt included air brush techniques in his demonstration.
Two blacksmiths, Paul Michaels and Phillip McGuire kept busy throughout the evening showing their skills and talking about the equipment needed in forming pieces of metal.
Steve Grewe manned the telegraph key in the Austin Depot. Today, with electronics being used for communications, the younger generation only knew of it being used in western movies and television.
Surface Creek Valley Historical Society thanks all of the Pioneer Town volunteers who helped make the event a success.
Thanks are also expressed to all the local businesses and individuals who donated prizes for the scavenger hunt, drawings and silent auction.
The event proved to be a big success. Board members, volunteers and the community are looking forward to next year’s Night on the Town, held on the fourth Tuesday in June 2015.

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