Surface Creek
Saturday August 01, 2015

Spectators for this weekend’s Little Britches Rodeo will have plenty of seating, thanks to the generosity of surrounding communities.
Temporary bleachers will be set up at the Surface Creek Saddle Club grounds for Little Britches, compliments Orchard City and the Field of Dreams which will loan the structures, report  rodeo event organizers.

Delta County is also offering to loan some bleacher seating for the rodeo from its inventory of units currently in storage at the county fairgrounds.
Last spring’s demolition of the grandstands at Surface Creek Saddle Club Arena because of damage from a severe wind storm seems to have galvanized the community spirit in advance of Little Britches.
The result has been a communitywide effort to revitalize the community’s support for Little Britches and to replace the grandstands structure. Along with that, there will be ample temporary spectator seating for Little Britches fans July 11-13, thanks to hard work and valleywide cooperation.
This year, the gate  admission at the rodeo will be by donation. The local Little Britches committee will donate a part of those donated proceeds to the construction of a new SCSC grandstand structure.
Thanks go to donors DMEA and to friends of the late Tom Jones who have made major contributions helping the grandstands replacement fund to reach $7,150 raised so far.
Rodeo excitement isn’t limited just to the Little Britches weekend this year. The sixth of the scheduled nine gymkhanas at the SCSC arena has just recently concluded, and organizers report increased participation, with new contestants participating and additional willing volunteer help with the events.

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