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Wednesday August 05, 2015

The Orchard City trustees reviewed plans for a memorial to the former Fairview School during their work session on July 2.
Local alumni of the school want to have the bench and an engraved marble pedestal installed on the Town Park walking trail.

Fairview School operated from 1904 to 1966, said trustee Jimmie Boyd, who attended the school.
The setting for the bench and memorial will include a section of fence from the original school along with two lilac bushes, tributes to the two big lilacs that stood on the school grounds and that many former students remember fondly.
Cost of the six-foot-long bench will be $910 plus $100 freight, Boyd reported. The entire project “will take most of the couple of thousand dollars” of the Fairview School alumni group’s available funds for the project. The town is not paying for the project, though town crews will  do the installation work.
Anticipated completion is some time this fall.
Other topics discussed  included:
• The town has plans to offer at least 80 cubic feet per second of irrigation water for lease. Details will be approved at the July 9 trustee meeting.
• Mayor Don Suppes and trustee Ken Volgamore donated some of their own time on July 2 helping to pour concrete footers for the fire house substation addition.
• SourceGas wants an easement for a new gas line in the Tank Hill area.
• A new planning commission member will be considered for appointment at the July 9 town board meeting.
• Trustees aren’t interested in a Cedaredge proposal for an “understanding” or “working agreement” on water and sewer service areas. Town board members said they see no problems now that need to be addressed.
• Trustees want staff to handle approvals for special tournament events and charity fundraisers at Town Park rather than have the town board deal individually with each one.

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