Surface Creek
Saturday August 01, 2015

Orchard City officials think they may have figured out why the town’s roadside traffic counter was stolen recently.
They were puzzled at first as to why anyone would want to steal a traffic counter that has no use other than counting passing traffic.

The two Surface Creek Valley towns are finding that legalized cultivation of marijuana has created situations requiring new local regulations dealing with the practice.
In Cedaredge, town staff and trustees worked for months crafting a set of guidelines for legalized indoor cultivation of marijuana.

Remember hearing your grandmother say that when she was young, “All of us kids made our own fun.”
Some local residents are taking a page from your grandmother’s book and making their own fun playing the fast, fun and popular fitness sport called pickleball.

Thirty-four private domestic water pipeline companies that source their water from Orchard City are being offered a different kind of deal. But the offer isn’t coming from the town itself.

The high temperatures of summer bring out the best in heat-loving plants. These are generally the plants that bloom in the summer to early fall and can tolerate drier conditions than those plants that come from cold climate areas.

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