Surface Creek
Monday March 02, 2015

The Cedaredge Town Board voted unanimously at its Feb. 19 regular meeting to issue a liquor license for the 4 B’s Brew Pub.
The brew pub business site is currently under remodeling on West Main Street and is not yet open.

The Cedaredge Town Board on Feb. 19 indicated its willingness to court a proposal for a commercial marijuana business which manufactures infused-marijuana products in town.
A week earlier, at its Feb. 12 work session, Redlands Mesa resident Jeff Milstein pitched his business proposal to the trustees for a commercial marijuana food processing operation in town.

Having just returned from a police chiefs’ conference on the subject of impacts and ways of dealing with the “marijuana movement,” Police Chief Dan Sanders reported to Cedaredge trustees on Feb. 19 that local control is the key element in dealing with various problems created by state-legal marijuana.
Sanders also clarified his department’s official position on the issue of state-legal marijuana business as one of professional neutrality.

On Feb. 17 the trustees of the Jean Thomas Lambert Foundation awarded the Grand Mesa Nordic Council (GMNC) a $44,000 grant for trail grooming and maintenance of the Nordic ski trails on the Grand Mesa at the Skyway, County Line and Ward trail systems. The grant money will mainly be used this summer to clear all Nordic ski trails of rocks and trees to facilitate grooming as early as possible in the season and to prevent damage to snow grooming equipment.

Cliff  Rose
in February
Well, everyone knew that the February “spring weather” couldn’t last much longer. Now, as I sit at my computer, I hear the wind whistling around the corners of our house.

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