Surface Creek
Saturday October 25, 2014

The picture is not a pleasant one when tax dollars are being spent by two local governments on staff time and lawyers in an ongoing argument.
But taxpayers in Cedaredge and Surface Creek Valley have witnessed just that for the past two years.

When Cedaredge trustees next take up discussion of the proposed ordinance on indoor marijuana growing, there will be a new bullet point added to the list of don’ts: grow light systems which produce radio frequency interference.
During trustees’ first look at the draft ordinance on Oct. 16, Steve Grewe, an amateur radio enthusiast, talked about problems being caused by grow lights used to produce marijuana indoors.

Orchard City trustees considered, at their Oct. 8  work session, calling a meeting of neighbors sometime in November to discuss the county’s North Road/Highway 65 intersection haul route for the North Road gravel pit.
According to discussion at the work session,  the county believes that improvements required for use of the Myers Road alternate route proposal might not be worth the cost for the small number of trucks using it intermittently.

Orchard City trustees are talking with their engineers about what might be done to prevent further failures on the new West Side main water transmission line.
An independent laboratory report released this past summer concluded there were no defects in manufacturing of the HDPE resin pipe and fittings that failed and led to big water spills and repair headaches last winter.

Sometimes there can be pleasant surprises for those of us schooled in the science of entomology.
The other day I was enjoying the company of friends in an outdoor setting in Delta when we all noticed these fragile insects gracefully flying around the area.

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