Surface Creek
Monday August 03, 2015

Colorado Columbine
Another gloomy summer day. The lower slopes of the Grand Mesa are almost visible through the rain, but the top is shrouded in heavy, dark clouds.

Western Kingbird
I’m enjoying the quiet, rural scenery here at Karen’s home in Palisade. She’s busy checking the irrigation water while I admire nearby Mt. Garfield.

A dozen years ago the Chapel of the Cross hosted a celebration of patriotic music and song for the July 4 holiday that year. Using volunteer singers and accompanists, the event marked the beginning of what has grown into last weekend’s Patriotic Choir presentations at Cedaredge, Eckert and Paonia.

New owners of the Cedaredge Creekside Café are giving true meaning to the term “local, family-owned business.”
Codi Nelson took over ownership of the long-established and popular Cedaredge eatery last March, and she has brought several members of her extended family on board to work with her.

Pioneer Town hosted a “Kid Tour” of homeschool students on Thursday, July 2. Children from Classical Conversations were given a living history tour by Jon Fisher, age 9, Chuck Harrington and Robin Rogers.

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