Surface Creek
Tuesday September 02, 2014

c01 fairviewA bench has been installed at Orchard City Town Park memorializing Fairview School.
Installation of the bench along with its setting was accomplished just in time for display during the annual town picnic on Saturday.

The kindergarten through 8th grade school played its major role in the lives of its students from 1904 until school district unification in Delta County in 1966.

Cedaredge trustees meeting on Aug. 14 discussed the golf course operation’s lack of “long-term soundness.”
Mayor Pat Means noted that the golf course has lost money in seven out of the last 10 years.

A problem with budget priorities known as “lack of available funds”  has been solved for Cedaredge trustees by the Delta County commissioners.
Attending the town board’s monthly work session on Aug. 14, County Commissioner Bruce Hovde made the surprise announcement of a $15,000 gift to the town from the commissioners’ Lottery Trust Fund discretionary spending account.

c02 suppliesRather than spending a perfect summer morning on personal indulgences or got-to-do errands, members of the Cedaredge Assembly of God Women’s Ministry spent last Saturday morning distributing free school supplies to local students and families.
“It gave us the chance to witness that we are doing this out of the love of Jesus Christ,” said Denise Rains, one of the organizers of the ministry.

The Shop Automotive & Tire LLC, located at 12912 Highway 65, recently added U-Haul products and services to its business.
“We wanted to get our name out there,” said Mel Cook, spokesperson at The Shop Automotive & Tire.

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