Surface Creek
Monday April 27, 2015

The price to bring broadband Internet via fiberoptic cable to Cedaredge will be $400,000, the town’s trustees were told during an April 9 work session.
The $400,000 cost is only an estimate, in part because the status of a grant request to the Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) is not known.

Orchard City trustees  denied an easement variance request during their regular meeting on April 8.
The owner of a home and business located at the intersection of Austin Road and Fairview Road had made a written request to place an eight-foot-high fence in the utility easement along Austin Road in front of his property.

Arrival of the nice spring weather has brought a blooming of the valley’s arts and entertainment community.
Concerts, performances, outdoor events and presentations of all kinds are being scheduled, and notices are posted in available window space all over town in Cedaredge.

Sometimes critters crawl out of our landscape or adjacent wild areas and cause us concern. This is true today for those who live with or near native juniper trees.

A company that the Town of Orchard City had made a purchase from has pulled a “gotcha” with a recent order.
A salesman for the company selling truck-mounted “shouldering” equipment told town officials they could deliver the device in 45 days.

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