Surface Creek
Thursday October 23, 2014

They say that patience is a virtue and it is, if not carried to the extreme. When patience becomes procrastination, well, that is when our problems begin.

This year’s car show proved to be the “biggest and best ever” according to the event coordinator Richard Udd. There were 128 entries filling the parking area, about 20 more than in any previous year.

A team of AppleFest outhouse stuffers tied last year’s winning record of 14 people stuffed into an outhouse in two minutes.
The second annual AppleFest outhouse-stuffing contest sponsored by Double J Disposal and Recycling saw two teams competing for the prize of $100 and the “golden plunger.”

There were 168 runners who competed in the Boy Scout fundraiser AppleFest 5k run/walk event this year, according to event organizers.
The names of top finishers in each category, as announced at the race end, are below, listed from third place to first place.

There were 50 motorcycles and lots and lots of admirers all day long at the classic and antique motorcycle display at AppleFest this year.
A collection of beautifully restored dirt bikes from the 1960s and ’70s, with names like Montessa and Rickman that enthusiasts from the baby boomer generation would recognize and remember, were on display.

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