Surface Creek
Thursday November 27, 2014

Wild Turkeys 
To most of us, Thanksgiving means having a turkey dinner. But the turkeys that we have on our dinner tables these days are domestic birds rather than “wild turkeys.”

Surface Creek Community Services is asking for donations to its annual Christmas Gift Box campaign which supplies the makings of a big holiday meal to needy local families.
On Dec. 20, SCCS will distribute the holiday dinner boxes to families in need.

A concert to benefit 6-year-old cancer patient Michelle McPherson, featuring  “new grass, bluegrass and barnyard rock,” by The Black Family String Band, will be held at 7 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 22, at the New Hope Evangelical Free Church, 17464 Surface Creek Road in Cedaredge.
The Blacks are neighbors of the McPhersons, and Ellison came up with the idea for the concert, said Sam Black, who has performed guitar and vocals for many years.

c01 fooddriveWinter is bearing down on the Surface Creek Valley.
It is time for the Surface Creek Community Services food bank to get its shelves restocked to help people through the cold-weather season.

SCCS supplies food to approximately 250 families (over 700 individuals) each month within the four local area zip codes. Children under 18 and seniors over 55 comprise over 53 percent of the recipients.

The Surface Creek Valley community responded with open hearts for 6-year-old cancer victim Michelle McPherson and her family last weekend.
The annual benefit end-of-year fruit sale netted $6,099 for Michelle, a Cedaredge Elementary School student who is undergoing medical treatments at Denver Children’s Hospital.

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