Surface Creek
Friday May 29, 2015

c01 meetingroomCedaredge’s town government took an appropriate opportunity to honor the town’s present and past mayors during an official dedication ceremony of the town’s new council chambers (Grand Mesa Room) on May 5.
The new council chamber is the first stage in an ongoing remodeling project of the town’s former community center, now known officially as the Civic Center. The work on this phase was completed by local contractors MDF Drywall, Whitney Constructors, John’s Plumbing and Heating, KC Electric and Cedaredge Interiors.
 The new council chamber will also serve as the municipal court room and meeting room for other of the town’s designated committees.

Which Tern?
A dark storm cloud casts its shadow across Grand Mesa while another storm cloud swirls around the West Elk Mountains. But here at Hart’s Basin the brilliant sunlight sparkles across the water and the air is filled with birds — swallows.

Plans are being finalized for the second annual Celebrate Cedaredge street fair that will take place on Saturday, May 30.
The event’s main draw will again be free space for commercial vendors to set up booths during the 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. event.

The Town of Cedaredge, working with other groups and individuals in the community, has produced a promotional piece that highlights various facilities, services and amenities and is intended to support economic development.
Businesses hope the document will meet a need in the town’s self-promotion activities.

The Apple Blossom Bike Ride will be a new feature for part of the Celebrate Cedaredge events on May 30.
The ride is a fundraiser for local Boy Scout Troop 482.

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