Surface Creek
Tuesday September 02, 2014

c02 runThe Cedaredge Booster Club got off to a running start for a year of reorganized and reinvigorated support for local schools, hosting its first annual Back to School Fun  Run/Walk 5k last Saturday.
The event was a fundraiser for the Cedaredge Booster Club, an organization that supports all extra-curricular activities in all three of the Cedaredge schools, explained President Ken Gates.

Marbled Godwit
When I came to Hart’s Basin yesterday, the sun was brilliant, the air was hot, and the birds were few. But today the scene is dramatically different.

c05 picnic1The annual Orchard City town picnic took place at Town Park last Saturday.
The event, more than anything else, is a chance for friends and neighbors to enjoy a cookout meal in the spacious accommodations of the park’s pavilion, and to have some games to entertain the kids.

c01 parkThe saying goes that to a man with a hammer everything looks like a nail.
That was true recently when a man on a motorcycle with his wife aboard set out on a summer trip into the alpine summer scenery of the Grand Mesa.

He was looking for an inspiring experience and he found it before ever leaving Cedaredge.

A recently issued report from a private commercial testing laboratory points to “design-build” alterations as a likely principle reason Orchard City’s new West Main water distribution line has experienced failures.
The pipeline project, which was originally planned as a $4 to $5 million improvement taking two years to complete, benefitted from federal stimulus money payments.

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