Surface Creek
Wednesday April 01, 2015

The first step has been completed in a long-term project that is planned to eventually convert the Cedaredge Community Center to include town hall offices.
Removal of the partition between the former Rooms B and C (also known as the free room) has allowed creation of a council chamber.

Our crazy winter weather has continued in western Colorado, creating havoc in my garden. My crocus flowers have been hammered but my daffodils are still holding their own, showing many developing flower buds.

Our Cranes               
About four-feet-tall with a wingspan of over six feet. Color: crane-gray. Long neck, long black legs, big black feet and a long, stout, black bill.

The Town of Cedaredge has scheduled a public hearing on Thursday, March 12, at 6 p.m. at the Cedaredge Community Center to review two ordinances to possibly remove restrictions to “Marijuana Infused Product Manufacturing.”
According to its press release, the town will consider modifying restrictions on marijuana infused product manufacturing and is not considering modifying its restrictions on marijuana cultivation or grow operations, retail or testing.

Cedaredge trustees heard presentations from three engineering firms during their Feb. 19 meeting.
The firms are interested in getting business on the smaller projects the town does, projects that may not require the more expensive services of a large consulting firm.

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