Surface Creek
Wednesday March 04, 2015

Delta and Cedaredge museums are among Western Slope contributors collaborating with Museum of the West, a branch of the Museum of Western Colorado in Grand Junction, to present Heritage Rendezvous: Working on the Western Slope.
Delta County Museum’s display relates to early coal mining industry.

Retired senior members, as well as the youth, of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) are encouraged to serve as missionaries. Although the senior program has been in operation for many years, Elder and Sister Bemis are only the second couple serving in the Colorado Denver South Mission covering a huge area in several states.

Through a two-year-long process of town board resignations, appointments and a cancelled election, Orchard City currently has four trustees serving terms the public has not cast a vote for.
Even so, three of those trustees stood for election last April — an election that was cancelled because there were three candidates seeking three open town board seats.

c01 sleddogs1The ninth annual Grand Mesa Summit Challenge sled dog (dog sled) races held last weekend at the Mesa Top trails complex logged 46 teams competing in seven event categories during the two days hosted by the Rocky Mountain Sled Dog Club.
Snow conditions were a bit on the crusty side, but that made for a fast course. Competitors took to the eight-, six-, and four-mile-long courses with teams of up to eight animals pulling a sled. Competition also included two- and three-dog skijor teams.

c01 northroadThe county’s plans for a new lane striping arrangement at North Road and SH 65 to accommodate heavy truck gravel hauling will have to be changed on the basis of new right of way information.
The county’s preferred alternative for a traffic lane plan at the intersection was presented to Orchard City trustees during a work session two weeks ago.
Shortly after the county and town formed a consensus on the proposed plan, a flaw  turned up. What had been presented as a 70-foot-wide right of way on Highway 65 north of the intersection is actually only 60 feet wide.

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