Surface Creek
Tuesday January 27, 2015

c01 buildingWinter weather arrived in Surface Creek Valley with the new year, bringing a series of storm fronts carrying increasingly heavy amounts of snow and cold, zero-degree temperatures.
County snow plows could be heard working early mornings clearing roads of overnight snow accumulations, and the area’s steep grades and sharp curves had been mag-chlorided and were being sanded as needed.
Roads became hard-packed snow and ice. School buses were off the roads, as school winter break was in effect.
The first of the storm fronts actually came through just before Christmas, depositing significant high country snows in the region from Dec. 21 to 23. Surface Creek Valley received some snow from those first fronts.

Fall Migration Report, 2014
For years I’ve collected the information about crane movements through our area. I send the information to the biologists at the San Luis Valley Refuge, to the Colorado Crane Conservation Coalition in the Steamboat Springs area, to the Bosque del Apache and to Rod Drewien, the biologist who invited me to be the “official volunteer monitor” of our cranes back in 1995.

The Cedaredge Public Works Department, in a monthly report to the town trustees, gave the following update on work being done to repair distribution system leaks and on water line replacement projects.
The monthly department report, given in December, states:

The Town of Cedaredge is continuing to make progress with its project of replacing and upgrading customer water meters.
The town trustees received a report on the work in progress during their regular December meeting.

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