Surface Creek
Monday December 22, 2014

Cindy Fresquez says it is a blessing from God being able to prepare and serve a big Thanksgiving feast to 150 others.
The holidays always seem to bring out the best in people you know — the  true, natural goodness of people who are part of their communities doing good things all year round.

Plans are again underway for the annual free Christmas dinner held at the Stolte Shed in Cedaredge. Thanks to the generosity of many organizations and individuals who support this Christmas tradition, the Cedaredge Rotary Club is able to provide dinner for many people in the Surface Creek area.

Cedaredge Police Chief Dan Sanders announced at the trustees’ budget hearing that re-establishment of the department’s popular K-9 unit will be held over until 2016.
Since announcing that the department’s K-9 German shepherd, Buddy, was retiring, the Cedaredge Department has seen several personnel changes.

The Town of Cedaredge’s proposed budget for 2015 calls for $4.5 million in total spending.
That figure is set against $4.71 million in anticipated revenues shown in the budget document.

c01 cottageThe Cedaredge Area Chamber of Commerce is reaching out to the small, “cottage industry” enterprises in the area and wants to help them gain some local market exposure during the holidays.
Last Saturday, the chamber invited hobbyists, crafters, cottage industry entrepreneurs, and home businesses to attend a free exhibiting opportunity at the Stolte Shed — the Chamber’s Craft and Business Bazaar.

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