Surface Creek
Tuesday April 21, 2015

Cedaredge Mayor Pat Means wasted no time at the March 19 town board meeting when item number 16 on the agenda came up for consideration.
She immediately made a motion to deny the proposed Ordinance 2015-2 which, if adopted, would open the door for a recreational marijuana foods manufacturing plant to begin operating in Cedaredge.

c01 crane2Another annual Crane Days event has come and gone this year, marked also by the official passing of winter on March 20, which was the first day of spring.
The sandhill cranes migration from wintering grounds in the south to summer breeding sites in the far north has grown in popularity as a local event in recent years.
This year’s Crane Days was marked as usual with viewing of sandhill cranes at Fruitgrowers Reservoir, and also by educational presentations.

The green thumbs of Cedaredge’s Community Garden are ready for the seventh successful growing season for the local volunteer enterprise.
The Community Garden provides bountiful fresh produce from a once rocky and neglected ridge top at Cedaredge’s High Country Park.

The Cedaredge Town Board for the second time in two months has approved a new beer and wine license for a local restaurant.
Rudi’s Pizzeria on South Grand Mesa Drive will be adding beer and wine to its menu offerings soon, said Jane A. VanderVelde, owner.

The Orchard City Town Board once again had success in water utility efficiencies as a note to celebrate during its regular March meeting.
Orchard City’s program of addressing leaks that occur and actively hunting for new ones has resulted in declines in lost water, and in declines in the amount of water being treated, even as customer usage remains at normal levels.

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