Surface Creek
Thursday July 24, 2014

Bottom-line costs for Cedaredge’s planned sewer treatment plant are on the rise, and town board members are concerned about long-term costs of pumping effluent from the facility.
The bottom-line number for the engineers’ opinion of the plant’s probable cost plus 20 years of operation and maintenance is up 9 percent from last October’s $6.07 million to $6.60 million.

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It has become an annual spring event for the Orchard City trustees to  receive a stellar report on the town’s finances from their auditor. In May, auditor Pete Blair said, “Overall, the town is in great financial position.

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Brewer’s Blackbird
There’s a lot of bird activity in our cottonwoods today. A kestrel just flew out from the top branches of the west side cottonwood and a small flock of starlings is sweeping down to the newly mown hayfield across the road.

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Summer has finally arrived with its accompanying hot days and often stiff breezes. This is the kind of weather that really starts pushing plants along.

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Cedaredge’s Stage I drought declaration that has been in effect since April of last year was lifted by the town trustees last Thursday.
Town officials caution that even with the drought alert lifted, in this area’s semi-desert climate water conservation should be on everyone’s mind year-round.

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