Surface Creek
Monday May 25, 2015

Arbor Day was an extra-special day for Cedaredge this year as fifth grade students helped the town’s tree board plant three trees in the town park as replacements for the large cottonwood trees removed around the children’s play area.
Those old cottonwoods had provided shade for many years against the hot sun for children using the playground equipment.

The Delta County Sheriff’s Office has received  a rash of motor vehicle trespass reports lately in the Cedaredge area. Suspects have been locating unlocked motor vehicles and taking unsecured items.

More Cranes?
In early April I thought that our crane migration was probably over. The count was 10,585 and we usually have between 10,000 and 15,000.

Senior girls from Cedaredge High School were honored at the 64th annual Cedaredge Women’s Literary Club Tea held at the Stolte Shed on April 22. Senior sponsors Jennifer Milburn and Michelle Gillis, 23 seniors and two exchange students from Norway attended the event.

One of All Saints Lutheran Church’s ministry focus points is on “all things great and small.”
The congregation has held special blessing services for the four-legged friends who share companionship and love with their human owners.

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