Surface Creek
Friday July 03, 2015

As I looked out my window at my neighbor’s yard, I watched a young buck mule deer browse on the lower branches of her ash tree. So continuing our discussion of deer deterrence, short of imprisoning your yard with an eight-foot fence, we have plant selection as one more of the techniques to discourage deer nibbling.

The familiar “pop-up” sun shades will be springing up like the flowers that follow rain showers for the second annual Celebrate Cedaredge street fair on Saturday.
The event’s main draw again will be free booth space on Main Street attracting crafters, artisans, and vendors of all kinds to set up in anticipation of a crowd of spring shoppers.

The Orchard City Irrigation District Board of Directors acknowledged during a special meeting on May 18 that its policy on water delivery allocations and “shrink” charges may need to be revised.
Board members approved a motion to look again at the policies that were adopted earlier this year.

c01 memorialMemorial Day observances were conducted by Grand Mesa VFW Post #9221 and Ladies Auxiliary at Cedaredge, Eckert and Cory cemeteries on Monday.
Post Commander Gary Tollefson traced the history of the observance from its beginnings as a remembrance of those who lost their lives fighting in America’s Civil War.
Pastor John Copper noted in his remarks that the day commemorates “every single service person who has given their life” for the freedoms Americans enjoy. He estimated that number of war dead throughout the nation’s history at 1.5 million.

c01 chsFifty Cedaredge High School seniors ascended the graduation stage last Saturday at the school, and 50 new alumni from a high-achieving class of 2015 descended with diplomas in hand ready to take on new challenges in life.
In the process, the Class of 2015 heard some advice from its graduation-day speakers.

Valedictorians Kristin Gardner and Ryan Latta issued inspiring calls to their classmates to step up and meet the coming challenges of a more unsheltered adult life.
Gardner said that “life’s challenges feed the flame” that is within each individual. She encouraged grads to “ignite your fire,” and not be afraid of the future that lies ahead.

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