Surface Creek
Sunday March 29, 2015

c01 firehouseOrchard City’s promise to provide a fire department substation expansion for the Cedaredge Volunteer Fire Department and Delta County Fire District #3 has been kept.
Orchard City Trustee Ken Volgamore, who has been heading up the town board’s fire house committee, reported to his town board colleagues last Wednesday that the town’s pledged portion of the work is finished.
Volgamore said that an estimated 200 or more hours of volunteer labor donated to the project had cut the town’s costs from an originally estimated $40,000 to $32,000.

c01 potCedaredge’s mayor said she will conduct a “straw poll” of trustees on a proposal by Jeff Milstein of Redlands Mesa to establish a marijuana edible product manufacturing business in town.
It is a proposal that if approved would open Cedaredge  to manufacturing products for both medical and recreational marijuana users.
Mayor Pat Means said she would conduct the straw poll of trustees at the Thursday, Feb. 19, regular meeting. If trustees don’t favor Milstein’s concept to begin with, it is reasoned that there is no need to spend time on the lengthy processes of hearings and staff work necessary for the changes Milstein wants to bring to the community.

Cedaredge Police Chief Dan Sanders reports that he spends a significant part of every work day dealing with marijuana issues.
That is in an environment where Cedaredge has outlawed all medical and recreational marijuana activity it is allowed to prohibit under the “local option” provisions of Amendments 20 and 64.

What’s with this crazy winter weather we have been experiencing? While New England and areas in between have seen snow and winterlike temperatures, we have not.

c03 spring2This year’s extended January thaw that extended well into February has people wondering about mountain snow pack; getting a jump on early orchard work; and participating in their favorite types of fun and exercise.
Snow course data at Park Reservoir last weekend showed 51 percent of the median amount of snow-water equivalent for the date. That is just one-third of the amount of snowpack water content that water managers  hope for on the Mesa at the  peak level in early May.
While the fairways and greens at Cedaredge Golf Course are still brown, and vinyl weather protectors remain covering the decorative tee box yardage signs, this year’s unseasonably warm weather has allowed some early play to take place. Golf enthusiasts have been getting in some early season rounds.

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