Surface Creek
Tuesday May 26, 2015

The Cedaredge trustees declined to rehire the town’s regular municipal judge at their meeting on April 16.
Instead, the town board chose to cut the pay by one-third and offer the job to the current alternate judge.

A real estate investor wants the Town of Cedaredge to offer concessions on the fees it charges for new construction.
But after two discussions of the proposal, on April 9 and 16, town board members aren’t convinced and have slated another meeting on the idea for next month.

Cedaredge will commemorate its 21st consecutive annual Arbor Day on Wednesday, April 22, Mayor Pat Means announced during the town trustees’ regular meeting last week.
The event will be observed with the Cedaredge Elementary School fifth grade class which also normally schedules learning activities in conjunction.

c01 gardenSeveral grants are coming together for the Community Garden that will make it possible for the organization to move forward on improvement projects this year.
A $2,500 donation to the Cedaredge Community Garden by the Western Colorado Community Foundation will boost the garden board’s operations abilities to provide the many services and facilities needed to keep the enterprise running smoothly on a year-to-year basis.

Patrons who frequent the Delta County Libraries likely have gotten used to seeing their favorite librarians behind circulation desks on a regular basis.  Some library staff members are in their libraries virtually all the hours the buildings are open.

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