Surface Creek
Thursday October 23, 2014

The Great 2015 Cedaredge High School Reunion is in the works. Did you attend the “old” Cedaredge High School?

With a $1 million certificate of deposit due to roll over and interest rates at invisibly low levels, the Orchard City Town Board decided it will try for a little higher yield from its rainy day cash.
A local bank had been paying the town .01 percent on its certificate of deposit.

A regional study getting underway on the presence of “broadband assets” in local communities found that Cedaredge is lacking in super fast Internet capabilities.
Diane Kruse, principal of NEO Fiber said at a meeting in Cedaredge last week, “There aren’t a lot of assets here,” in Cedaredge, speaking of fiberoptic cable installations.

c01 chapel2Since November, 1989, Pioneer Town’s Chapel of the Cross has hosted over 500 weddings and at least 600 cataloged musical events.
Those statistics alone stand as testimony to the Chapel’s contributions to the local community, and to the vision and generous spirit of the late Don and Inez Petersen of Cedaredge who donated the institution to the community.
But the 25th anniversary of the Chapel of the Cross could not be allowed to pass without a living tribute, and that was provided on Saturday, Sept. 13, with two fitting musical performances and an historical presentation at the Stolte Shed.
“25 years of Love and Music” was the theme for the anniversary celebration.

c07 lb1Youth rodeo action returned to Cedaredge during a gorgeous-weather weekend of fun and excitement as the Surface Creek Festival Association staged a second competitive-points Little Britches rodeo event at Surface Creek Saddle Club arena.
Thirty contestants and their rodeo families from the local area, and from places around the state like Maybell, Burns, Del Norte and Craig, came to the valley to participate in the events.

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