Surface Creek
Thursday November 27, 2014

c01 diversOrchard City officials and staff are proud of the high quality water they provide customers from the domestic utility system.
For Orchard City and other domestic water suppliers in the area like the Town of Cedaredge, maintaining their high drinking water quality requires attention to detail in system operation and maintenance.
Both of the Surface Creek Valley towns keep their million-gallon storage tanks clean on the inside by using services of specialized commercial divers who do the work. They save the towns money, time, and lots of lost water by carrying out their inspections and any minor maintenance without first having to draw down the tanks of expensive treated water.

c01 labossiere2A Cedaredge youth who lost his life in an accident three years ago was remembered at an observance on Sunday.
John Paul LaBossiere Jr., known as “Junior,” was 13 years old at the time of his death.

Some 80 friends joined his family for a remembrance of his life, and to dedicate an addition to the Cedaredge Main Street Project in his memory.

Downy Woodpecker
There’s a big pile of wood in our yard — Rescue Tree Service was here yesterday and now our tall cottonwoods look as they should look: stately and healthy. And the bird activity has, of course, been altered by the changes in the trees.

The picture is not a pleasant one when tax dollars are being spent by two local governments on staff time and lawyers in an ongoing argument.
But taxpayers in Cedaredge and Surface Creek Valley have witnessed just that for the past two years.

When Cedaredge trustees next take up discussion of the proposed ordinance on indoor marijuana growing, there will be a new bullet point added to the list of don’ts: grow light systems which produce radio frequency interference.
During trustees’ first look at the draft ordinance on Oct. 16, Steve Grewe, an amateur radio enthusiast, talked about problems being caused by grow lights used to produce marijuana indoors.

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