Surface Creek
Tuesday April 21, 2015

There is new business activity on Main Street in Austin.
New ownership has taken over at Faye’s Cafe, previously operated by Faye Rodrigue and Rufus Miller since 1985.

March is Women’s History Month, a time to celebrate the accomplishments of past women through research, discussions and education. It is also a great excuse to appreciate the women who have shaped Colorado’s own families, who migrated to this area and helped to lay the groundwork for the communities in and around Delta County.

The Orchard City Town Board will deal mainly with matters of routine business when members gather for a regular meeting on Wednesday, March 11.
But also among the agenda items for the meeting is consideration of a letter supporting DMEA in its petition to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

Gaping loopholes in Colorado’s marijuana legalizing laws are creating headaches for local elected officials and law enforcement in Surface Creek Valley and elsewhere.
Cedaredge has recently adopted restrictions on residential growing of marijuana aimed at curtailing abuses in the practice when a grow facility was abandoned in town last year.

The first step has been completed in a long-term project that is planned to eventually convert the Cedaredge Community Center to include town hall offices.
Removal of the partition between the former Rooms B and C (also known as the free room) has allowed creation of a council chamber.

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