Surface Creek
Sunday August 02, 2015

The Cedaredge Town Board by a 4-1 vote put the final touches on a policy to defer payment of some fees that are made to the town when new construction takes place.
Adoption of the proposal came during a special board meeting on June 9.

This is the third and final installment in my series on managing deer in the garden. I want to repeat one proviso on deer deterrence before we launch into deer deterrence tactics.

c03 wall1Expansive adobe soils are a bane for builders because of the soils’ soft and shifting nature.
Adobe clay soils are being blamed for problems the Town of Orchard City has had with its Centennial Honor Wall. The shifting and water-swollen soils that underlie the structure are causing structural cracking.
The Town of Orchard City has lasted over 100 years. Yet its Centennial Honor Wall that is dedicated to the individuals, families, enterprises and institutions that have defined and sustained the town has lasted only a few years.

c01 cedaredge5There were over 50 vendors of all kinds — crafters, woodworkers, jewelers, merchants, confectioners, artists, non-profits, fundraisers and others to take part in the second annual Celebrate Cedaredge street fair. On Saturday they accepted the chance to get the word out about their enterprises, and they set up booths in free space in Cedaredge’s downtown.
Restaurants and other businesses on Main Street were open and busy during the now annual event, and visitors who browsed the many booth displays also got to sample local vintages provided by Williams Cellars and Stoney Mesa Winery.
In addition to the activities downtown, there were two family-friendly organized events that took place at Town Park.

The banks of Ward Creek are home to a local business that has a global marketing presence.
Long Haul Products, also known as Long Haul Folding Kayaks for its premier, world-class line, was invited last February to participate in an international trade show held in Munich, Germany.

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