Surface Creek
Monday April 27, 2015

c01 potCedaredge’s public hearing March 12 on loosening its ban against “marijuana product manufacturing facilities” brought out a community response resoundingly against allowing the manufacture of marijuana edibles at a plant to operate within Cedaredge. There were no comments in support of the proposal.
The town board had unanimously adopted a ban on recreational marijuana businesses in September 2013.
Mayor Pat Means told the DCI that the public hearing on modifying the ban to allow a marijuana infused foods plant  in town was held to accommodate “a couple of trustees” who wanted to hear from the public on the issue.

Last week’s public hearing on amending Cedaredge’s present total ban on marijuana product manufacturing facilities was not the last word on the issue.
The Cedaredge Town Board has scheduled a vote on two ordinances that will, if adopted at the trustees’ March 19 meeting, loosen the current total ban on marijuana product manufacturing facilities.

Eckert Crane Days
March 20-25
Amazing! But it is that time of year again!

There is new business activity on Main Street in Austin.
New ownership has taken over at Faye’s Cafe, previously operated by Faye Rodrigue and Rufus Miller since 1985.

March is Women’s History Month, a time to celebrate the accomplishments of past women through research, discussions and education. It is also a great excuse to appreciate the women who have shaped Colorado’s own families, who migrated to this area and helped to lay the groundwork for the communities in and around Delta County.

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