Surface Creek
Thursday October 23, 2014

Another shopping excursion to Delta and Allen and I turn off Highway 50 onto H-38 Road in North Delta heading toward Trap Club Road. The ditch along the right side is a virtual “wild place” with cattails, tules (bulrush), tall sunflowers, prickly lettuce gone to seed, low-growing gum weed, and who-knows-what-else!

It started with the eager people, formed into the long serving line, who came to help support the volunteer fire department at last Thursday’s chili cook-off.
It ended with the vendor canopies coming down on Main Street as the music of Bittersweet Highway faded into the Sunday evening shadows at Town Park.

The chili cook-off fundraiser hosted as the only money-raising event for the volunteer fire department every year was a big success again this year.
Hundreds of people made their way, undeterred, through the long serving line that switchbacked four times through the firehouse to take their tastes of the community’s chili donations for the event and to express their thanks to the volunteer fire department.

c01 reservoirA small, but significant, dedication recently took place on the Grand Mesa, marking a step in protecting and augmenting the valley’s  water supply and local rights to it.
The newly reconstructed Peak Reservoir was dedicated officially on  Sept. 28 by members of the board of directors of the Grand Mesa Water Conservancy District.
The Peak Reservoir reconstruction project was begun by the district in 2006 by then members Ward Armstrong, Austin M. Keiser, Jim Durr, Joe Segrest, Scot Buhrdorf, Mike Thomas and Ron Shaver.

The original Peak Reservoir was built around 1907 using teams of horses and hand labor. The dam had a wooden pipe that allowed the reservoir to be drained for use.

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