Surface Creek
Tuesday March 31, 2015

The Orchard City Town Board once again had success in water utility efficiencies as a note to celebrate during its regular March meeting.
Orchard City’s program of addressing leaks that occur and actively hunting for new ones has resulted in declines in lost water, and in declines in the amount of water being treated, even as customer usage remains at normal levels.

A Hart’s Basin
Trumpeter or tundra?  Our Hart’s Basin swan!

Orchard City  trustees learned last week that the seven-month-long planning process for “regional broadband Internet” has overlooked Orchard City completely.
Nevertheless, to show they still want a seat at the broadband table, the town trustees initialed a blank check, a promise for up to $200,000, in support of a broadband plan that includes Orchard City.

c01 potCedaredge’s public hearing March 12 on loosening its ban against “marijuana product manufacturing facilities” brought out a community response resoundingly against allowing the manufacture of marijuana edibles at a plant to operate within Cedaredge. There were no comments in support of the proposal.
The town board had unanimously adopted a ban on recreational marijuana businesses in September 2013.
Mayor Pat Means told the DCI that the public hearing on modifying the ban to allow a marijuana infused foods plant  in town was held to accommodate “a couple of trustees” who wanted to hear from the public on the issue.

Last week’s public hearing on amending Cedaredge’s present total ban on marijuana product manufacturing facilities was not the last word on the issue.
The Cedaredge Town Board has scheduled a vote on two ordinances that will, if adopted at the trustees’ March 19 meeting, loosen the current total ban on marijuana product manufacturing facilities.

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