Surface Creek
Saturday August 01, 2015

What a wonderful time the Plant & Dig Garden Club of Cedaredge had at the Ronniger Potato Farm in Eckert last month! We enjoyed Vern Ronniger’s presentation on how he grows potatoes, how long it takes to develop a new strain or variety (10 years!), his interesting lab and the wonderful potatoes he sent home with us dug right out of the ground (they don’t get any fresher than that!).

Young cowboys and cowgirls displayed admirable athleticism as they performed in skill test competitions with their horses last weekend at the Western Slope Little Britches Rodeo.
Rodeoers in the little wrangler class weighing not much more than a few dozen pounds themselves rode with determination and confidence, putting their well-groomed mounts weighing a thousands pounds or more through the paces.

The following is a list of the all-around and runner-up all-around winners.  Additionally, organizers of the event would like to thank sponsors and others who helped and are listed in the related story this week.

The Surface Creek Valley’s art community provides an indispensable texture and feeling to the experience of living in a pleasant enclave of Colorado’s Western Slope.
A reception held on Saturday, July 11, featuring a full-gallery, two-month-long art show at the AppleShed brought into focus the kinds of contributions the arts community makes to  valley life.

Water customers on the private Bull Mesa #2 pipeline experienced a water service outage on Tuesday last week.
The outage, which lasted a couple of hours by some accounts, was caused when a technician running a routine system check forgot to turn the water back on when he was finished.

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