Surface Creek
Thursday August 21, 2014

Bugs, bugs and more bugs. Do you ever think that the world is ruled by bugs (insects if we want to be correct)?

The Surface Creek Saddle Club wrapped up its 2014 Summer Gymkhana Series on Wednesday, July 30. There were many new contestants and the number of competitors was up over last year.

Businesses and local governments waiting for news that an economic turnaround has begun will have longer to wait, a state agency says.
A recent report by the Colorado State Demographer’s office details some of the economic challenges faced by local business and government because of population trends in  this area.

The Cedaredge trustees, wrestling with 2015 budget issues at an all-day work session last week, want to see park facilities for residents given higher priority than a new municipal court chamber and council meeting room.
Juggling available finances for a budget year when $100,000 in new cuts from the general fund are a priority, trustees are willing to forego a remodel of council chamber and municipal court room.

With final farewells said and appropriate respects paid, the big, shiny motorcycles of the 29th annual Serenity Run departed from Cedaredge on Sunday.
There were many pledges of “Let’s do it again next year.”

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