Surface Creek
Sunday September 21, 2014

Even if the number of vendor booths is down a bit this year compared with last year’s record number at AppleFest, Chamber of Commerce organizers are promising plenty of entertainment, information, good food and shopping opportunities at this year’s event on Oct. 4 and 5.
Other seasonal festivals in the region, including the big Fruita Fall Festival and the community fest in Aspen, are down in the number of vendor booths being reserved, chamber staff told board members on Sept. 3, the last board meeting before AppleFest happens this year.

What’s more American than apple pie?
And who makes the best apple pie in the Surface Creek area will soon be determined, as this year’s AppleFest is adding a pie-tasting contest to its already robust list of activities.

Plans are underway to open a brew pub in Cedaredge.
The downtown retail space formerly used for Cedaredge Floral and the adjoining antiques store will be remodeled and used for the brew pub operation, said building owner Barb Breitnauer.

With fall rapidly closing in on us, this is a good time to make one last-ditch effort to control your weeds. You might be a little late if you wanted to use pre-emerge herbicides for cheatgrass (downy brome) control.

The Cedaredge Cemetery District and Town of Cedaredge will participate in a mediation of their disagreement over water, a district official has confirmed.
The mediation will probably take place next month, said Mike Street, president of the Cedaredge Cemetery District board of directors.

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