Surface Creek
Sunday November 23, 2014

Twenty crisp, new  American flags flew from the light posts on Main Street for Veterans Day this year.
They were there  thanks to the Grand Mesa VFW Post #9221 and Cobbett Welty Post #104 of the American Legion which have provided the flags and their street light pole mounts.

Jean Weisbeck, president of the Surface Creek Community Services and Food Bank, accepted the last donation of vegetables on Thursday, Nov. 6, from Mary John, interim president of the Cedaredge Community Gardens Association.  This year is the fourth year the garden has donated to the food bank.

Again I realize that summer really is over. The lovely autumn colors are gone and the wind is cold.

All Saints Lutheran Church’s annual craft fair and bake sale featured the talents of one of the church’s newest members — Christine Garner.
She feels blessed that God placed her in such a warm and caring community.

Talk about cranes!
I’m delighted! Now I have another chance to talk about cranes!

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