Surface Creek
Tuesday July 07, 2015

A couple of weeks ago the Cedaredge Tree Board hosted its annual Sick Tree Day event where Surface Creek homeowners could schedule a free visit from a group made up of Colorado Master Gardeners, tree board members and led by Vince Urbina, community forester out of Grand Junction.
We visited 13 yards with various tree problems including the oh-so-common “my aspen tree is dying” predicament.

Tribulus terrestris
Even if you don’t recognize the name or the plant — you know it! Maybe you call it goathead, or Mexican sandbur or Texas sandbur, or even caltrop.

It is time for those organizations or individuals to register to participate in the Cedaredge Little Britches parade which will be held on Saturday, July 11.  Registration forms are available at the office of the Cedaredge Area Chamber of Commerce located at 245 West Main street next to Cedaredge Town Hall.

The Cedaredge town administration and town board are trying to decide how the results of a ”healthy lifestyles” survey can be pitched to voters as a proposal to increase the sales tax.
Results of the survey have been discussed at two recent trustee meetings where they were described as “interesting” and “disappointing.”

This year’s Ride The Rockies cycle tourists got their first view of Delta County on June 15 along the leisurely downhill stretch of Highway 65 below County Line, and they got their first taste of Delta County friendliness from the Surface Creek Valley at a scheduled rest stop in Cedaredge Town Park.
The Cedaredge High School state-champion marching band offered energy-boosting treats and raised funds for its trip to Washington, D.C., next year.

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