Thursday March 05, 2015

Dear Editor:
Chicken Little is alive and well in Delta County: The right to farm in Delta County is under attack. The sky is falling.

Dear Editor:
The Bull Mountain Master Development Plan, calling for 146 new gas wells upstream from Paonia, is just one cog in the bigger industrial machine envisioned for the North Fork Valley. Hundreds more wells have been proposed for the area, threatening our quality of life and current and future economies.

Dear Editor:
I received a ticket from a Delta Police Department officer a few days ago (I earned it, I might add). He was very polite, courteous and professional.

Dear Editor:
In watching the Hostetler case regarding their egg-laying farm in Hotchkiss and right to farm issue, I am concerned from this perspective: as an economic development professional for over 20 years sometimes working for and against environmental concerns; as a member of farm families from cattle, orchards, rice, horses included; as an admirer of the Mennonites who have added a wholesomeness and an economic engine to our community; as a member of a law enforcement family, trying to protect the good guy from the bad guy, dealing with a sometimes slow and lenient justice system.

Dear Editor:
State legislators from every political persuasion are our last best hope for realigning the federal government to the constitutional powers entrusted to its three branches and releasing its stranglehold on states and individuals. Our framers designed one of its seven articles in anticipation of this constitutional emergency.

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