Tuesday March 31, 2015

Dear Editor:
On March 3, the Paonia Board of Trustees conducted a five-hour hearing to determine whether Ms. Peterson should be removed as town clerk. Sworn testimony was taken and 325 pages of exhibits were admitted.

Dear Friends
of Delta County:
First, I want to congratulate you for your generosity. I was in a meeting last week where it was quoted that, per capita, Delta County residents are the most generous in the state!

Dear Editor:
This last year in Delta County has been one step backward, one step forward, a few steps sideways, and then some shuffling in place.
Five hundred of our best jobs are gone, and we fear more layoffs.

Dear Editor:
On Wednesday, March 11, the Delta County Independent carried the notice of a meeting with U.S. Representative Scott Tipton that very day, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. By the time Delta County citizens received the paper with the notice, Rep. Tipton was long gone.

Dear Editor:
As a health care professional, business owner, rancher, and longtime Western Slope resident, I support responsible, efficient oil and gas development, like the kind being proposed for the Bull Mountain Unit.
We’ve heard talk about hypothetical health threats of oil and gas drilling; as a dental surgeon, I can tell you the biggest, and real threat to people’s health and well-being is poverty.

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