Saturday November 29, 2014

Dear Editor:
On Thursday, Nov. 20, Paonia Care and Rehab Center put on a Thanksgiving dinner for the families of the residents. They fed approximately 200 people.

Dear Editor:
This letter is in response to the CEO of the California medical marijuana facility. Note to Tammy Murray: The election was not about medical marijuana.

Dear Editor:
I am writing as a result of the article titled “Vet in battle with VA over grant payment” (page B2) in Nov. 19 edition of the DCI. Kathy Browning did an excellent job of telling Maxwell’s story.

Dear Editor:
On Tuesday night many of us were treated to the privilege of hearing two extremely talented gentlemen presenting an evening of classical music so sensitive and emotional that it evoked tears. We heard an incredible synchronicity of musical strains between a cello and piano that are not easily imagined.

Dear Editor:
We did not send the Republicans to Congress to “reach across the aisle,” “extend a hand,” or to “meet in the middle.” We sent them there because we do not agree with the liberal policies of Democrats and we want them disempowered.

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