Saturday October 25, 2014

Dear Editor:
Prop 105 has to do with the labeling of GMO or genetically altered foods. Now I know there have been many issues brought up in opposition to prop 105 and I would like to address these.

Dear Editor:
There is a problem with advertisements run by the opponents of Paonia’s proposition 2B concerning marijuana. Perhaps in their fever to defeat this measure the opponents just see what they want to see in the voting laws.

Dear Editor:
My name is Sarah, and I am a 17-year-old high school student. I am writing to you concerning the issue of marijuana.

Dear Editor:
Paonia is filled with passionate people and we often act more with our emotions than our minds. I think we find ourselves at the marijuana crossroad where we need to let our minds lead our emotions in making this decision.

Dear Editor:
This past summer, a federal court, in response to a suit brought by Wild Earth Guardians, overturned a coal mine expansion decision for the West Elk Mine and vacated the North Fork Exception to the Colorado Roadless Rule on the grounds that the U.S. government failed to consider climate change impacts of the mining proposal. Climate change impacts from coal mining must be addressed, and as a nation we need to wean ourselves off coal, but the Conservation Center maintains the opinion that the cleaner-burning coal derived from the underground mines in the North Fork Valley should be the last to go.

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