Saturday November 01, 2014

Dear Editor:
The non-profit group Friends of Cedaredge Animal Control (FCAC) operates the Surface Creek Shelter in Cedaredge. Many things have to come together for us to be successful — our wonderful volunteers, both at the shelter and at the Shelter Shoppe, donors, supporters of our fundraisers, the towns of Cedaredge and Orchard City, grantors such as US Bank and the Rotary.

Dear Editor:
I will be voting to re-elect Marcia Neal to represent my family on the Colorado State Board of Education’s 3rd Congressional District.
Let’s face it, many of us do not pay much attention to who is representing our children on the Colorado State Board of Education. Normally this is a very low profile almost “nonpolitical” race.

Dear Editor:
Okay, I will be the first to admit I’m a little slow. So could someone give me a clue?

Dear Editor:
Right to farm?
This is a most interesting and disturbing issue.

Dear Editor:
I invite my fellow voters to consider Millie Hamner when casting their vote for State Representative in District 61. Millie works tirelessly on our behalf to get things done.

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