Friday July 31, 2015

Dear Editor:
Racism burns across America. People ask how can there be such racism in the 21st century — we have come so far.

Dear Editor:
Oh no, not again! It seems our county commissioners are hell-bent on driving jobs, economic opportunity, and agriculture out of Delta County — at least that’s what their actions, not words, suggest.

Dear Editor:
We read, with much interest, Pat Sunderland’s excellent article about the pipeline (salinity) project. Our ditch company is considering piping our water, but we vigorously oppose any piping that might occur on our property.

Dear Editor:
I read with great interest the DCI article entitled “Piping is changing the rural landscape” (July 8). Hopefully anyone living on or near an irrigation ditch read it as well and question the inherent dangers of dealing with government projects.

Dear Editor:
Hotchkiss Mayor Wendell Koontz was working the info/help tent at Ride The Rockies when I and another person inquired about a private shuttle to Paonia (we were exhausted after a long day) where our accommodations were. We offered to pay a student or volunteer $20 each or so.

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