Friday September 19, 2014

Dear Editor:
Hundreds of billions of gallons of Colorado water, mixed with a small but potent percentage of carcinogenic chemicals, has been buried by drillers wanting a convenient place to hide all that nasty pollution.That water will never be part of the water cycle again.

Dear Editor:
In the past two weeks the DCI has published two articles about Delta County Animal Welfare and Shelter looking to Delta County government for support. In both articles it states that the four county licensed animal rescues receive funds annually from the county for spay and neuter, and CAWS is looking to them for more support due to the amount of animals they take from unincorporated areas of the county.

Dear Editor:
The recent death of Robin Williams, who suffered from depression and substance use, brings home the fact that we as a society need to deal with the critical issue of mental illness.
“Parenting in a World with Mental Illness,” an Aug. 3 Denver Post article by Diane Mulligan and Kristen Kidd, presented information about Colorado’s need for mental health services for children and adolescents, and about the prevalence of stigma that can prevent parents and communities from dealing with mental illness as a medical condition.

Dear Editor:
Having just talked to our two senators’ staff and Congressman Tipton’s staff, I feel compelled to do everything I can to warn of a likely impending tragedy. Terrorists are famous for out-of-the-box thinking.

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