Friday January 30, 2015

Dear Editor:
A new year is upon us and quite possibly a good time to look at how Delta County is to proceed into the year and future. I would like to start by “calling out” the Delta County government for allowing the chicken coop controversy to have occurred.

Dear Editor:
Does the American public not have anything else to worry about than underinflated footballs? It’s all over prime time national or local news.

Dear Editor:
We find it somewhat odd that Matt Soper felt so strongly about being “snubbed” by Senator Kerry Donovan on the day of her swearing in at the capitol that he needed to write about it in the newspaper. After the rather nasty things that he said about her in his role as campaign manager for her opponent, he surely could not expect to be greeted as a long lost friend, that is, if she even noticed or recognized him.

Dear Editor:
It has been wonderful to have information about the Delta County Libraries in the DCI so as to get the information out to the whole community about what is available at our libraries.
Two recent articles — one about the role of Library Friends and Foundations and the other about the new Creation Station at the Cedaredge Library — have been important sources of information that the DCL board of trustees would like to expand upon.

Dear Editor:
What do we want from Congress this year? Term limits?

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