Wednesday July 30, 2014

Dear Editor:
There are really several types of people in our polities. There are those who are short-sighted and therefore want to consume everything in their path.

Dear Editor:
I appreciate William Snyer’s letter debunking climate change/global warming. It is amazing that so many people buy into that destructive myth.

Dear Editor:
We have a border problem escalating daily, Israel defending its citizens and a passenger airliner, Malaysia Flight 17, 295 souls shot down by who knows who? We have a lightweight president that calls Russia from Air Force One as he flies to New York to a fundraiser.

Dear Editor:
After reading Ron Rowell’s letter in last week’s DCI, I really feel he needs the support of the people in Paonia.
I, too, was born in Paonia, and having lived here all my life, have always been proud of Paonia — until now.

Dear Editor:
Bill Brunner and  Bill Snyer in recent letters to the editor disagree on climate change. How to resolve this impasse?

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