Sunday April 19, 2015

Dear Editor:
Contrary to Adam Gall’s letter in the April 8 DCI, there was nothing in the budget bill that could sell off any public lands. A large percentage of the land in the western states is under federal ownership. BLM and national forest land is “managed” with constantly-declining budgets, resulting in deterioration of the resource — forest fires, erosion, beetlekill.

Dear Editor:
The Valley Organic Growers Association (VOGA) represents over 60 farms, almost all in the North Fork Valley. Our small- and medium-sized family farms are part of the diverse community of the North Fork Valley, and our growers are here for the long term.

Dear Editor:
After reading the comments of Ruth Whitney, I told myself I will not respond, but after reading John Cooper’s response I had to not let this teaching slide.
Ruth Whitney said, “All Christians say the Nicene Creed.”

Dear Editor:
It is imperative that a careful inventory of cumulative impacts to both areas be determined before the Thompson Divide/GMUG lease swap gets approved. It is especially important that wildlife migration routes and edge effects of increased industrialization of the GMUG be considered.

Dear Editor:
Attention to all readers! Save the date!

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