Tuesday October 21, 2014

Dear Editor:
As sheriff of Delta County, I agree with our school district and the Paonia committee “Citizens Protecting Our Youth,” urging the voters of Paonia to join the City of Delta and the towns of Cedaredge, Crawford, Hotchkiss, Orchard City and the unincorporated portions of Delta County and take advantage of the provision in Amendment 64 which allows a locality to prohibit retail marijuana stores. Citizens of these same communities including Paonia were concerned enough about the retail distribution of medical marijuana that they prohibited dispensaries in their communities and I recommend you do the same with recreational marijuana.

Dear Editor:
During the past 12 months I have written numerous times referencing the ballot issue now assigned as Paonia Ballot Question 2B. I am the registering agent of “Citizens Protecting our Youth.”

Dear Editor:
I support Don Suppes in his effort to become a Colorado state senator.
As a Delta County native, I have seen first-hand the crucial necessity our local coal mines represent for the Delta County economy.

Dear Editor:
People of Delta County, do you love freedom? Do you like to keep the fruits of your labor?

Dear Editor:
Don Suppes as a mayor of Orchard City is an experienced and honest leader, as well as a successful Delta County small businessman.  Delta County will be well-served to have Don Suppes in the Colorado Senate.

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