Tuesday June 30, 2015

Dear Editor:
Coloradans made the right choice when they rejected mandatory GMO labeling last November.
Nevertheless, a stubborn fringe continues pursuing labeling mandates in several states and at the federal level — even though scientific studies repeatedly conclude GMOs are safe to eat.

Dear Editor:
This year’s Earth Day has passed, but let’s not forget its message of caring for the earth. This promises to be the defining issue of our time.

Dear Editor:
After attending the Ride The Rockies festivities at the Hotchkiss fairgrounds on June 15, we were embarrassed by the condition of the grounds. The lawn was dry and unmowed, weeds were growing up around the trees and the flowers were unkempt in the old fountain.

Dear Editor:
The woods are my place of solitude, a place where I am at peace and where I feel most alive. Each time I drink the coolness of pristine mountain water or breathe in the fresh sap of sun-laden evergreens, my worries seem to fade away.

Dear Editor:
I’ve been called a lot of things, but never Mister so many times in one letter. Thank you Mr. Kay (TK).

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