Tuesday July 28, 2015

A team of local Delta women is once again getting set to attend an annual women’s Tri for the Cure triathlon to be held at Cherry Creek Reservoir on Aug. 3.
The “Tri” for the Cure is a sprint-distance triathlon where women of all ages and fitness levels participate in a half mile swim, an 11.4 mile bike ride and finally a 5k run.

There are members of this year’s team who will be attending their sixth “Tri for the Cure.”
The original members who started doing the “Tri for the Cure” in Denver were Danielle Bynum, Stacee Curry, Angela Fedler, Jennifer Lahoe, Kiffany Moore, Holli Neely, Kindra Spiker and Paula Easton. This group decided to put together an annual fundraiser to help raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research in Colorado.
This year’s team just had its fourth annual Dance for a Cure at the Elks Lodge in Delta. Sixty percent of the money raised will stay local and be donated to help raise awareness and for breast cancer exams for women who cannot afford one. The remainder of the funds will go to the Bright Pink Foundation … a non-profit organization which focuses on prevention and early detection of breast cancer in women. Bright Pink is the beneficiary for the Tri for the Cure.
This year’s team will include Jennifer Lahoe, Stacey Brown, Sheri Violett, Holli Neely, Angela Fedler, Nikki Grey, Danielle Bynum, Paula Easton, Danielle Hernandez, Stacee Curry, Soraya Luna, Danielle Leon, Cindy Lopez, Jeri DeLisle, Lindsea Velasquez, Tiffany Schaaf, Alicia Hancock, Sue Horn, Ashley Ortega, Amanda Ortega, Vickie Paradise and Erin Doughty.
A list of previous team members who have attended the event includes Jodi McCurdy, Shelly Roberts, Kindra Spiker, Trish Kendrick, Jill Jurca, Darnell Place-Wise, Susie Marshall, Jessica Tribble, Jeannie Mueller, Alisa Johnson, Connie Loy, Heather Redden, Tonnie Bules, Michelle Moore, Keri Lederle, Dara Groom, CeCe Pieper and Betsy Fernandez.
Beth French, Phaelen French and Pat Sunderland are also competing this year.

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