Thursday July 02, 2015

c08 hersheyThis year’s Hershey’s Track Meet produced plenty of qualifiers for state competition in Windsor.
The meet’s competitors (boys and girls) participated in three age divisions (9-10, 11-12 and 13-14) and seven events on Thursday, May 22, at Delta High School.

The top three athletes in each category are qualified for the state meet in Windsor.

Winners in boys’ standing long jump for 9-10 year olds included Easton Baier (5-9), Sebastian Chavez (5-3) and Alejandro Jimenez (5-0). All three are from Delta.
Hotchkiss’ Lottie Hollembeak (5-6) won the 9-10 girls’ competition, followed by Bailey Miller (5-3) and Sadee Griffith (5-0). Miller is from Hotchkiss as well, while Griffith is from Cedaredge.
The boys’ 11-12 standing long jump winners were Nathan Workman (7-3), Colbi Braslin (6-6) and Austin’s Jason Timbreza (6-0). Workman and Braslin are from Delta.
Winners in the girls’ 11-12 standing long jump included Eckert’s Megan Jenkins (6-3) and Cedaredge competitors Brie McGovern (6-0) and Shaylyn Griffith (5-3).
The 13-14 standing long jump winners were: boys, Eckert’s Joshua Jenkins (6-9), Cedaredge’s Tevin Keller (6-3) and Delta’s Skyler Kraai (6-3). Missa Webb was the girls’ winner (7-3) with Pascalina Earley finishing second (6-3). Cedaredge’s Makayla Kehmeier was third (5-6).
This year’s 9-10 boys’ softball throw winners were Alberto Lujano (97-1) and Konner Workman (86-10).
Girls’ winners in the 9-10 division included Delta’s Lillie Baier (43-10) and Kacey McIntire of Cedaredge (43-5).
The 11-12 boys’ softball throw winners included Delta’s Grant Freed (98-9) and Eckert’s Kyler Parker (88-6).
Eckert’s Hannah Carlson (96-0), Delta’s Aubree Andre (79-5) and Cedaredge’s Reganne McIntire (78-0) were the top three girls to throw.
Jenkins (133-8) and Kraai (131-5) were the softball throw winners from the 13-14 age division while Earley claimed the title (68-0) for the girls.
In the 50m dash competition for boys, Baier (8.87), Lujano (9.35) and Jimenez (9.36) were the top three placers. Hollembeak (8.79), Miller (9.12) and Baier (9.56) earned the top three places in the girls’ division.
The 100m dash winners, for 9-10 boys, included Workman (15.87), Chavez (17.2) and Lujano (18.68). On the girls’ side, Hollembeak (17.37), Miller (18.15) and Baier (19.6) were the top three finishers.
Braslin won the 11-12 boys’ 100m dash in a time of 14.72, with Timbreza second (14.84) and Parker third (15.75). The top three girls’ finishes went to McGovern (15.68), Carlson (16.21) and Andre (16.34).
Keller won the boys’ 100m dash competition in the 13-14 division with a winning time of 14.68.
Jenkins (14.78) and Kraai (15.14) earned the next two spots. Webb sailed to the girls’ 100m dash title in a time of 14.88 and Kehmeier was second (15.56).
In 200m dash competition, Workman (35.14) won the boys’ 9-10 division. For the girls, McIntire topped the list of winners with her time of 42.9, and Griffith was second in a time of 50.96.
The 11-12 winner of the 200m dash for boys was Workman (31.37). Braslin (31.87) and Timbreza (31.92) took the next two spots. Winning the top three places for girls were McIntire (34.84), Carlson (35.62) and Cedaredge’s Paige McGovern (35.93).
Keller (31.99) and Austin’s Devan Timbreza (33.84) were the top two placers in the boys’ 200m dash. For the girls, Kehmeier was first (33.72) and Earley (35.08) finished second.
In the 400m dash competition for 9-10 boys, Chavez was the winner (1:27.37) and Baier (1:50.32) was second. Winning the girls’ division was McIntire (1:49.22), with Griffith (1:55.15) placing second. Winning the 11-12 boys’ title was Workman in a time of 1:11.5. The 11-12 girls’ winners were Brie McGovern (1:13.3), Jenkins 1:20.51) and Andre (1:29.75).
Reganne McIntire was the lone competitor who braved the 800m run. She ran in the 11-12 division and finished with a time of 2:53.08.
The team of Lujano, Baier, Workman and Chavez ran a 1:10.34 to win the 9-10 boys’ 4x100m relay. McIntire, Griffith, Miller and Hollembeak combined efforts to win the girls’ 400m relay in a time of 1:16.84.
In a time of 1:02.87, the boys’ 11-12 400m relay team (Workman, Freed, Jason Timbreza and Braslin) ran unopposed to win the title. For the girls, two teams were entered. Winning the event was the team of McIntire, Andre, Brie McGovern and Carlson with their time of 1:02.81.
Second place went to the team of Tristy Keller (Cedaredge), Griffith, Paige McGovern and Jenkins (1:12.21).

c08 hershey

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