Friday July 31, 2015

Tunget Gymnastics had its last state-qualifying meet on Saturday, June 7, where the Silver Level team took third place and the Gold Level team took fourth.
At the Platinum Level, which is the second to the highest level in the league, Kayla Sandoval placed fourth in all events.

She also competed at the Gypsum meet in May where she placed third on vault and fourth on floor.
At the Gold Level, which is the next level down from Platinum (in the A division), Sierra Timbreza tied for fourth at vault, second on beam, third in floor, and placed fourth in all around. Brianna Hall tied for fourth at vault.
In the B division, Idamae Morris was third on vault, third on bars, and fifth on beam. Bailey Nielson was fourth on vault, tied for fourth on bars, and was third on floor. Olivia Lindsay was fifth on vault, bars and beam.
From the D division, Aubree Andre placed first on vault, second on bars, fourth on beam and was third all around. Hanna Carlson placed fourth on vault, third on bars, fifth on beam and floor, and was fifth all around. Lyla Hayutin-Baril tied for fourth on bars.
From the E division, Violet Gonzales and Ellie Hockersmith are newly qualified to go to state.
Pascalina Earley was first on vault, third on bars, fourth on beam, fifth on floor and fourth all around in F division.
At the Silver Level, in A division, Lily Sinkay was fifth on vault, fourth on bars, and tied for fifth on beam. Taneal Braslin placed first on bars, tied for fifth on beam, and was fourth both on floor and in all around. Emma Jenkins is newly qualified for state, and she placed third on floor. Leah Vader is newly qualified for state. Reyna Broadbent was fourth in floor.
From the B division, Ayralin Hoffbauer tied for fifth in vault, was fifth in bars, third in beam and tied for third on floor and tied for fifth all around.
Eleanor Dare was first on vault, tied for third on beam, was second on floor and third all around.
Division C’s Kaleigh Zavala placed sixth on vault.
From D division, Faith Vader is newly qualified for state and tied for fourth on bars.
In E division, Megan Jenkins was fifth on vault and second on bars. Ashlyn Webster placed fourth on bars, second on beam, first on floor and third all around.
Division F’s Elaine Cannon placed fifth on vault, third on bars, fifth on beam, fourth on floor and was fifth all around. Adair Ela tied for fifth on bars, with Jaden Valdez placing sixth on beam and floor.
From division G, Sophia Cox was third on vault, fifth on bars and fifth on floor.

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