Tuesday July 28, 2015

There are only three gymkhanas left in the 2014 season in Cedaredge. Be sure to come to the Surface Creek Arena in Cedaredge on Wednesdays, July 16, 23 and 30 at the Surface Creek Arena.

It is your last chance to have some great fun in an arena this summer.
Signup is at the arena on the evening of the event at 6 p.m. and the gymkhana starts promptly at 6:45. The cost is $5 per event and there is a one-time seasonal fee of $20.
If you have any questions, please call 856-3365.
Spectators are welcome and volunteers are always needed. The concession stand is open with “Big and Rich” hamburgers, hotdogs, nachos and root beer floats. Come join us and enjoy the fun.
Results for July 2:
Adults: Barrels — Ryan Cannon, Lana Sulkey, Brittnee Kramer, Mandy Trembly and Isobel Hertlein; Pole Bending — Brittnee Kramer, Mandy Trembly and Isobel Hertlein; Flag Race — Isobel Hertlein; Fun Race — Mandy Trembly and Isobel Hertlein;
14-18 year olds: Barrels — Sierra McHugh, Kendall McHugh, Micaiah Thompson, Shanal Stratton and Chase Bizer; Pole Bending — Sierra McHugh, Micaiah Thompson, Kendall McHugh and Alyssa Isaman; Flag Race — Sierra McHugh, Alyssa Isaman, Micaiah Thompson and Chase Bizer; Fun Race — Kendall McHugh, Alyssa Isaman, Sierra McHugh and Micaiah Thompson;
8-13 year olds: Barrels — Kole Hawkins, Elaine Cannon, Jesse Stillings, Kaitlyn Sharpe and Whitney Woolley; Pole Bending — Kole Hawkins, Kaitlyn Sharpe, Elaine Cannon, Alexa Huff and Jesse Stillings; Flag Race — Kaitlyn Sharpe and Kole Hawkins; Fun Race — Alexa Huff;
7 and under: Barrels: Aylin Bayles, Ivary Lorimor, Moriah Greenhalgh, Morgan Greenhalgh and Macklynn Greenhalgh; Pole Bending — Ivary Lorimor, Zane Johns, Aylin Bayles, Morgan Greenhalgh and Macklynn Greenhalgh; Flag Race — Aylin Bayles, Macklynn Greenhalgh, Hayley Cox and Logan Stillings; Fun Race — Aylin Bayles, Hayley Cox, Morgan Green-halgh, Logan Stillings and Moriah Greenhalgh;
All Around Honors: Adults: Isobel Hertlein, Mandy Trembly and Brittnee Kramer; 14-18 year olds: Sierra McHugh, Micaiah Thompson and Alyssa Isaman; 8-13 year olds: Kole Hawkins, Kaitlyn Sharpe and Alexa Huff; 7 and under: Aylin Bayles, Morgan Greenhalgh and Hayley Cox.

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