Saturday August 01, 2015

b11 tunget3Tunget Gymnastics had competitors at the Silver, Gold and Platinum levels in state meets the last two weekends of June. “Competition was tough in both meets, as there were over 420 competitors in the Silver state meet and 600 in the Gold and Platinum meets.

All the gymnasts gave their best effort,” quoted Coach Brenda Tunget.
Both Tunget and Rollis Rundle noted how proud they were of the efforts and accomplishments of their team members.

On June 21-22, the Silver-level team competed at Peak Athletic in Highlands Ranch. Top finishers for Tunget Gymnastics were Ashlyn Webster (8th on beam); Emma Jenkins (12th on floor); Alesha St. Peter (tied for 9th on vault) and Lily Sinkay (tied for 13th on vault and on floor).
Others in the division included Jaden Valdez, Adair Ela, Elaine Cannon, Megan Jenkins, Natalie Mills, Eleanor Dare, Ayralin Hoffbauer and Kaleigh Zavala.
Gold and Platinum competitions were held on June 28-30.
The Gold team placed 14th. Top finishers for the team were Aubree Andre (1st vault, 5th beam, 8th floor and 7th all around); Lynzie Stratman (2nd beam); Brianna Hall (3rd beam, 11th vault and 14th floor); Sierra Timbreza (6th floor, 11th vault, 13th beam and 11th all around); Olivia Lindsay (6th floor and 13th beam); Idamae Morris (7th vault and 14th uneven bars); Pascalina Earley (8th vault, 11th uneven bars, 14th beam and 12th all around) and Hannah Carson (13th floor).
Other Gold state competitors included Sophia Lareau, Lyla Hayutin and Elle Hockersmith.
Kayla Sandoval was the only Tunget competitor at the Platinum level.

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