OC mayor stands by his decision

By Don Suppes

Dear Editor:

For the last eight years as mayor of Orchard City I have worked to put the lies, bullying and dirty politics behind us. In last week's letter to the editor from former Mayor Tom Huerkamp we were reminded how nice civility is.

I am seriously disappointed that Tom would not only lie, but impugn the integrity of the Orchard City board to score political points for my opponent. The Orchard City board acted in the best interest of its citizens and saved the taxpayers thousands of dollars. The decision to put the SB152 opt out on the April ballot was discussed at great length and Mr. Huerkamp was not in attendance for those meetings.

The decision to run fiber to tank hill was to benefit the citizens, not the government and that budget item was put in place before DMEA had decided to move forward with their broadband project. Mr. Huerkamp needs to keep his timeline straight.

I have always been in favor of broadband expansion in Delta County but I also feel obligated to make sure taxpayer money is spent wisely on a project of this magnitude.

I stand by decisions made on this issue and encourage anyone that would like more clarity on the issue to please give me a call at 970-234-3843.

Don Suppes
Mayor of
Orchard City