October is busy time for gardeners

By Joan Chambers

The Plant & Dig Garden Club of Cedaredge celebrated September with a picnic lunch and plant, produce and garden products exchange at the old pavilion in Cedaredge Park on Oct. 16.

The weather was as perfect as it could get on a beautiful autumn day as we sat in the sun, ate our lunches and enjoyed catching up on everyone's summer activities. The fruits of our labors filled two of the long tables under the roof of the pavilion and provided all of us with great fun and amusement as we shared what we had contributed and in turn found many "goodies" to take home. How nice it was to have our own private farmer's market and garden giveaway! The club also raised $50 toward its holiday contributions to local charities and causes.

Our club is pleased to have another applicant this year for a scholarship to the Master Gardener program. Her name is Kathleen Ray. She has also become a member of our garden club. Welcome, Kathleen. It is an honor to have you as a member and we thank you for the work you put into planting and maintaining the beautiful flower pots along Main Street in Cedaredge this summer.

October is a busy month for our members with garden cleanup activities at both Pioneer Town and the flower pots and courtyard at Horizons Care Center. And of course, there are our own gardens to make ready for the upcoming winter season, so we will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy our superb weather while doing the things we love.

The October meeting will be held on Friday, Oct. 21, at the home of Barb Klein. She will give a program on garden art.

All who are interested in gardening, friendship and community service are invited to join our club. For further information call 856-3897 or (970) 901-9360.

Submitted by
Joan Chambers